Capital Improvement Grants

Status: Not Currently Accepting Applications

About the Funds

Farm Business Planning and Capital Improvement Grants (“farm grants”) are available for farmland protected through the Land for Maine’s Future program to provide for the land’s continuing use as a working farm.  These grants enhance Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) acquisition dollars by investing in the viability of agricultural operations on protected land. Grant funds may be used for professional assistance in developing a farm business plan or for capital improvements to the farm such as improved drainage or construction of needed structures. These capital improvements should enhance the agricultural productivity of the property and/or improve the economic viability of the farm enterprise, and must be in compliance with the terms of the conservation easement.

Eligible Applicants

The owner or operator of the protected farmland may apply to LMF for farm grant funds in the year after the easement is acquired. The easement holder must provide a letter of support to ensure that the planned improvements are consistent with the purpose and terms of the conservation easement. Funds may also be used for improvements on adjacent land that is under the same ownership or management. If funds are available, grants are offered each winter for projects that closed within the past year. LMF staff will contact eligible applicants to inform them of the application process and amount of funds available for their access improvement project.

Application Materials

Farm Business Planning and Capital Improvement Grants Fact Sheet for Applicants (PDF)