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The forms listed below are available from the Maine CDC Vital Records office. If a form that you want is not available on line, please email us, or call us at 207-287-5466, and we will send you the form(s).

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Public Forms

Adult Adoptee Access to Original Birth Certificate Rules and Forms

  • Chapter 12 Adult Adoptee's Access to Original Birth Certificate (Rules) word*
  • Application for Adult Adoptee to Original Birth Certificate form word* | pdf*
  • Medical History form  word* | pdf*
  • Contact Preference form  word* | pdf*

Adoption Reunion Registery Applications

  • Who May Register - (Instructions) word* | pdf*
  • Applications:
    • Biological Parents and Other Relatives or Persons Acting on Their Behalf  | pdf*
    • Adopted Person or Person Acting on His or Her Behalf  pdf*
    • Person Freed for Adoption But not Subsequently Adopted or Person Acting on his or Her Behalf  | pdf*

To order Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death records

  • Application for Certificate of Marital Status form (pdf) - The Certificate of Marital Status is usually required for persons conducting business (usually getting married) in a foreign country. If you need a certificate of marital status or no impediment to marriage, please complete this application and send it, along with the appropriate fee outlined on the application, to Maine CDC vital records office, 11 State House Station, 220 Capitol Street, Augusta, ME 04333.
  • Application for Genealogical Research (pdf) - Application to acquire a Maine CDC researcher card, which will allow genealogists to obtain non-certified copies of birth, marriage and death records from either the State Vital Records Unit, or from any municipal office.
  • Dompartinst - (word) - Instructions and Information for Declaration of Domestic Partnerships -See the following forms VS70, VS71 and VS72 below to go with these instructions.
  • Eligmatrix -(word) - Matrix for who can obtain a Certified or Non-Certified copy of a Vital Record.
  • Officiant instructions - (word) - Instructions for completing a non-resident application to perform a marriage in Maine.
  • Officiant application.pdf - Application for a non-resident officiant authorization to perform a marriage in Maine.
  • Researcher Request form (pdf) - Allows genealogists to obtain non-certified copies of birth, marriage and death records the Maine CDC Vital Records office.
  • Vital Records application (pdf*) Application for a search and certified copy of a vital record. Please fill out, print and return to the address stated on application a long with a self-addressed, STAMPED envelope.
  • vraccess -(word) - Procedure Document for Accessing Vital Records and Genealogical Research in Maine.
  • VS2A.pdf - State of Maine Intention of Marriage.
  • VS7.pdf - Application to Correct a Vital Record in Maine.
  • VS7 Inst. -(word) - Instructions for Completing the Application to Correct a Vital Record in Maine -(VS7).
  • VS8.pdf - Application for an Amended Birth Record following Legitimation Affidavit.
  • VS8A inst- (word) - Instructions for Applying for a new Birth Certificate following a Legitimation.
  • VS9.pdf - Certificate of Adoption
  • VS9A.pdf - Foreign Born Adoption
  • VS14-pdf - Legal Name Change - Request to Amend Original Birth Certificate
  • VS27B.pdf - Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity Recission/Removal.
  • VS27C.pdf - Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity.
  • VS38.pdf - Application for Disinterment or Removal of Human Remains.
  • VS60.pdf - Delayed Birth Registration.
  • VS61 - (word) - Instructions for filing Delayed Birth Registration.
  • VS70.pdf - Declaration of Domestic Partnership.
  • VS71.pdf - Termination of Domestic Partnership by Mutual Consent.
  • VS72.pdf - Alternate Notice of Termination of Domestic Partnership.


DRVS -Pamphlets

*This pamphlet is intended to be a tri-folded document. Print the two page document making a double sided copy and then tri-fold into a pamphlet.

**This pamphlet is intended to be a half-folded document. Print the two page document making a double sided copy and then fold in half into a pamphlet.


Restricted Access Forms

Note: Access to these forms is restricted to those who have applied for and received a user id and password to access the forms. If you do not have a user id and password, please visit the Application form.