Statewide Fitness Program

The State of Maine has partnered with a variety of YMCA's and the University of Maine Systems to extend gym priviledges to active State of Maine employees who are eligible for State paid benefits. 

Interesting in enrolling?  You can sign up for a new membership for the first of any month; this will give you enough time to meet the minimum program requirements of 8 visits per month.  Submit your completed Fitness Program application in the month prior to which you want your membership to begin; this allows time for processing.

  • How to sign up for new membership
    1. Complete the Fitness Program application form and return it to the Gym Coordinator (see form for instructions)
    2. After reviewing and processing your application you will get approval to then complete the required form(s) at your chosen gym (also known as your "home gym")
    3. Your home gym will issue you a swipe card so you will then be able to swipe into the gym's system
  • How to maintain your Fitness Program membership
    • Visit your home gym at least eight (8) times per month

Tax Notice: The Fair Market Value (FMV) of the gym membership provided by the State of Maine for this Fitness Program, according to IRS Publication 15-B, must be reported on the member's W-2 as taxable income.  The FMV of any gym membership provided during the period of November 2013 through October 2014 will be added to the 2014 W-2.  The FMV of any gym membership provided during November 2014 through October 2015 will be added to payroll beginning January 2015 on a monthly basis.

ME First members will be taxed on all gym related costs provided for by the Fitness Program at FMV.