Health Credit Premium Program: Instructions

Instructions for Taking the Aetna Health Risk Assessment:
1. Go to Take a Health Assessment
2. Log on to your Aetna Navigator Account by typing in your user name and password.  (If you forgot either of these items, click on the "Forgot User Name?" or "Forgot Password?" links on the Navigator log in screen and follow the on line instructions.)
3. First-time Users to Navigator will need to register by selecting "Sign Up Now" from the Navigator log in screen.  You will need your Aetna ID number in order to register.  The ID number is located above your name and begins with a 'W' followed by four digits, space, and then five digits (e.g. W1234 56789).  *Please note, all covered adults on your policy as of April 1st will need to create their own Navigator account.  Your entire family unit shares the same ID number.
4. Once you have logged into Navigator select "Take a Health Assessment" from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen (about half way down).
5. Then select "Launch My Health Assessment" from your health dashboard.
6. It will take about 15 minutes to complete the assessment.  (If you do not have particular health information (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol numbers) you can select 'not sure' from the drop-down menu.)
7. Print a confirmation for your records which will show when you completed your assessment. (Please do not send the confirmation to Employee Health & Benefits; this is for your records only.)

Need more help?  Aetna Member Services 1-855-850-0039

Instructions for Naming a Primary Care Physician (PCP) with Aetna:
1. Look at the front of your Aetna identification card. 
2. If your correct doctor is listed on your Aetna ID card for all adult members covered on your policy then nothing else is required.
3. If your doctor's name is not listed or the information is incorrect, call Aetna Member Services at 1-855-850-0039. (Please note, out-of-network doctors will not appear on your ID card.)
4. To search for a new PCP, use the Aetna DocFind tool to find out who is in the Aetna network.  For further assistance, contact Aetna Member Services at 1-855-850-0039.