The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is the product of the shared belief by labor and management that State employees are valuable resources to Maine State Government and the public they serve. The EAP was created with the aim to help State employees and their families maintain their health and well-being.

The State of Maine and the unions representing State employees recognize that a wide range of problems, not directly associated with an employee’s work, may have an adverse effect on an employee’s job performance and health. Further, personal problems of a family member may also affect an employee’s job performance. It is recognized that many personal problems can be successfully treated, provided the problem is identified and referral is made to an appropriate source. The State of Maine EAP offers assistance on a broad range of issues – marital or family discord, illness, financial difficulties, mental or emotional distress, alcohol or drug abuse, legal problems, or other concerns. These problems are recognized as progressive and potentially destructive, but they are also recognized as treatable disorders.

An employee who may be experiencing a problem of this type is encouraged to seek information and assistance on a confidential basis by contacting the EAP. EAP services are also available to the employee’s family or household members.

Participation in the EAP is on a voluntary basis. Although supervisors, union officials and co-workers may encourage an employee to seek help, the decision to seek and accept assistance is the responsibility of the employee.

Participation in the EAP is strictly confidential. All records and information regarding referral, diagnosis, and treatment will be maintained by the EAP and treated as confidential. The program ensures the participants’ names and the nature of the problems are not available to supervisors, co-workers, or anyone else.

Employees participating in the EAP are not immune from discipline; however, employees will be evaluated strictly on job performance. Participation in the program will not be used against anyone in disciplinary proceeding, nor will participation be detrimental to any employee’s job security, promotional opportunities or status.

The EAP is a free service at no cost to participants. If an employee is referred by the EAP to another professional services, the EAP will review the health insurance benefits plan to determine what, if any, costs must be assumed by the employee. Every effort will be made to refer employees to the least costly, highest quality resource available.

The EAP Labor/Management Committee is established to oversee the ongoing operation of the program. The Committee serves to advocate, support, and review the operation of the EAP to assure a program which enhances the productivity, performance, and quality of life to State employees.