Advisory Council on Tax Deferred Arrangements


Member Name Representing Contact
Richard W. Rosen Acting Commissioner, Department of Administrative & Financial Services  
Joyce Oreskovich,
Designee (DAFS)
Eric Cioppa Superintendent of Insurance  
Stuart Turney Designee (Bureau of Insurance)
Lloyd P. LaFountain, III Superintendent of Financial Institutions  
Robert B. Studley Designee (PF&R)
Eric Bueno AFSCME

(207) 273-5439

Thomas Richardson Judicial Branch
Vacant Legislative Branch  
Vacant Maine State Troopers  
Tracy Bonnevie MSEA - Administrative Unit (207) 562-4228
Rebekah Koroski MSEA - Pro-Tech Unit (207) 287-7192
Wayne Morrow MSEA - Supervisory Unit (207) 493-4040
Ricky Welton MSEA - Operations & Maint. Unit (207) 674-2060
Seth Blodgett MSLEA (207) 626-8529

Council Members (MS-Word)

Governing Statutes:

Title 5, Chapter 67: Tax-Deferred Arrangements

Title 24-A: Maine Insurance Code section 4603: For more information please read the newsletter article: "New Legislation Brings Increased Peace of Mind for Deferred Compensation Plan Participants"