Japanest beetle with winsome fly eggs


















Do you know what the white dots on the Japanese beetle are and why they are good? Find out at gotpests.org



  • Spring is not the time to treat your lawn for grubs! Learn more by reading the Grub Factsheet [PDF]
  • New Pollinator Protection page
  • Presentations from the 2014 General Recertification Sessions
  • 2014 Pesticide Notification Registry [PDF or XLS spreadsheet] (Be careful when sorting the spreadsheet that the entire data set is selected, not just the column to be sorted on)
  • Next Board Meeting: May 16, 2014
  • BPC has convened an Environmental Risk Assessment Committee (ERAC) to examine whether current pesticide residues have the potential to affect the lobster resource in Maine directly or via impact on other marine organisms. Next meeting: April 18, 2014
  • Maine Department of Environmental Protection is accepting comments until April 30, 2014 on a proposed pesticide general permit. Send to Gregg Wood
    • EPA Pesticide Fact Sheet—General [PDF]
    • EPA Pesticide Fact Sheet—Agricultural [PDF]
    • Maine Proposed General Permit [PDF]
  • Report on the Status of Products Registered for Use as Wide Area Public Health Mosquito Adulticides in Maine—2013 and Summary of EPA's Most Recent Public Health and Environmental Risk Assessments [PDF]
  • The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed changes to the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard. Go to their website to get an overview or provide input.

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