Japanest beetle with winsome fly eggs















Dandelions: weed or food? Dandelions are an important source of pollen for bees and other insects. Learn more at GotPests or the BPC Pollinator Protection page.



  • Next Board Meeting: August 8, 2014—Note: Also a public hearing on rulemaking
  • EPA is Advancing Pollinator Science and Sharing Useful Information with Growers and Beekeepers [link]


  • Important Warning Regarding Persistent Herbicides [PDF]; Herbicide Carryover Customer Acknowledgement Sample Form [PDF]
  • Spring is not the time to treat your lawn for grubs! Learn more by reading the Grub Factsheet [PDF]
  • The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed changes to the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard. Go to their website to get an overview or provide input.
  • BPC Environmental Risk Assessment Committee (ERAC) to examine whether current pesticide residues have the potential to affect the lobster resource in Maine directly or via impact on other marine organisms.
  • Report on the Status of Products Registered for Use as Wide Area Public Health Mosquito Adulticides in Maine—2013 and Summary of EPA's Most Recent Public Health and Environmental Risk Assessments [PDF]
  • 2014 Pesticide Notification Registry [PDF or XLS spreadsheet] (Be careful when sorting the spreadsheet that the entire data set is selected, not just the column to be sorted on)
  • Presentations from the 2014 General Recertification Sessions

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