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Bureau of Human Resources

October 11, 1996


TO: Agency Heads, Directors of Administrative Services, Agency Personnel Officers and Managers, Equal Employment Opportunity Officers
SUBJECT: Posting Direct Hire Vacancies
REFERENCE: Human Resources Memorandum 11-95, Dated September 29, 1995


Human Resources Memorandum 11-95 (Reference) implemented requirements for posting direct hire vacancies with the Bureau of Human Resources whenever the department's recruitment effort extends to employees of other State departments.   Memorandum 11-95 is still in effect, and departments are expected to continue to notify the Bureau of Human Resources of these types of direct hire actions as they occur and as they are anticipated.

The Bureau of Human Resources will continue to create an up-to-date, Statewide direct hire recruitment posting at the start of each week.  On Monday of each week, the State's direct hire recruitment posting will be edited to include department postings that were received by the close of business on the previous Friday.

A copy of each updated posting of active or planned direct hire recruitment will be mailed (E-Mail or regular mail) to agency personnel officers and outplacement coordinators.  In addition, the Bureau of Human Resources will place each updated Statewide posting on the Intranet (State Employee News Center, Direct Hire Job Postings Frame) for general access by all State employees.

The Bureau of Human Resources is committed to do all that it can to ensure that the weekly posting of direct hire recruitment activity is complete, and this means that departments must fully cooperate by submitting changes to their direct hire recruitment postings on time for the Monday update.  Therefore, all departments that are not already in full compliance with Memorandum 11-95 must implement an internal reporting process that meets this reporting schedule.


Donald A. Wills, Acting Director