Leased Space

BGS, through the Leased Space Division, manages over 275 leases across the state, comprising of approximately 1.6 million square feet of space. Since 1998, several overriding policies have governed the procurement of leased property; these include: consolidation and regionalization, sprawl avoidance, and an emphasis on downtown sites. As a result, the Leased Space Division has located state agencies at 35 downtown areas in 15 service center communities. The Leased Space Division's efforts have resulted in the following:

Quality of Leased Space: The quality of office space that is leased has dramatically improved over the past 6 years in particular for the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Labor, Department of Corrections, as well as the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Competitive Bidding: The cost of leased office space is normally effectively managed through competitive bidding and by having a "global" perspective of leasing activities across all departments and various geographic regions of the state.

Regional Government Centers: Efforts to create regional government centers has resulted in establishing centers that house more than one state agency in Lewiston, Springvale, Machias, Farmington, Bangor, Fort Kent and Lincoln.

Lease Cost Reduction: Agencies seeking to comply with the Governor’s curtailment order, to reduce spending, by reducing costs associated with existing Lease contracts will need to contact the Leased Space Division for specific lease information and guidance on what can and can not be considered and submit the Lease Cost Reduction Request Form to the Bureau of General Services, Division of Leased Space, 77 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0077