Professional Services Prequalification List

Before using the Professional Services Prequalification List, a State Agency must request approval of a Public Improvement Project from BGS (link to PIP request webpage), proceeding only after BGS approval. The following is a step-by-step procedure for the use of the List. If there are any questions or assistance needed at any stage please consult with BGS.

1. Agency reviews available Professionals on Professional Services Prequalification List.

2. Agency selects and contacts one Professional from the List.

a. Agency informs Professional that they were selected based on their presence on the List;
b. Professional confirms that all relevant information contained in their prequalification application has not changed;
c. Agency provides a written project scope, project schedule, and project budget to the Professional;
d. Agency requests a detailed written proposal from the Professional.

3. Professional provides a detailed written proposal to Agency. If Professional does not reply affirmatively, or if agency cannot successfully negotiate terms of the agreement, return to Step 1. The proposal should include: a scope of services; a work schedule; the fee amount and any allowance for reimbursable expenses, if applicable.

4. Agency creates a Professional Services Agreement based on negotiation with the Professional. BGS may assist by confirming that agreement is feasible.

    a. Agency and Professional sign Professional Services Agreement.
    b. Agency sends complete, signed Professional Services Agreement to BGS for approval.

5. After Agreement is approved by BGS, the Professional carries out the work of the Agreement with the Agency.

    a. Agency administers the Agreement including approval of invoices;
    b. Agency drafts Supplemental Agreements as needed, understanding that the initial Agreement plus Supplemental Agreements shall not exceed $25,000 in fee.

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