Planning, Design & Construction

The Planning, Design & Construction Division (PDCD) is responsible for the capital improvement planning for facilities, architectural and engineering design procurement, and construction administration of all of the State's public improvements and public school projects.

PDCD manages the procurement process for architect and engineer agreements, conducts the bidding for construction services, and monitors construction projects. PDCD also develops overall long range public improvement programs for all agencies of State Government

The duties for which this office is responsible are found primarily under Title 5, Section 1742 of the Maine State Statutes:

  • Approving legal advertisements
    • Monitoring and facilitating the interview process
      • Providing and revising contract forms as needed
        • Reviewing and approving Owner Consultant services agreements
  • Reviewing scope of services documents
    • Reviewing additional services agreements
      • Negotiating disputes between Owner and Consultant or Contractor
        • Providing a resource for Consultant or Contractor complaints
  • Reviewing and approving construction plans and specifications
    • Reviewing and approving construction contracts
      • Advising on change orders
        • Visiting sites under construction and advising the Owner as appropriate

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