Forms & Documents

The following is a partial list of standard BGS PDCD forms and documents available for State Agency use for State projects, but not for public school projects. Contract forms have been highlighted in bold print. Please contact PDCD staff for additional information and documents.

Planning Phase Documents Document Description
Public Improvement Projects (PIP) Request Form This project initiation form for capital improvements establishes the basic project information for the purpose of approval by BGS. All public improvement projects begin with the PIP form.
Project Checklist A step-by-step reference document for project management from project initiation to the completion of construction.
Sample Project Budget and Sample Project Schedule Excel spreadsheets to define project budgets and schedules to ensure successful project management.
Sample Legal Advertisement - Request for A/E Qualifications (RFQ) This document is used when an Agency is ready to procure an Architectural or Engineering firm for Professional Services. Please contact your PDCD project manager.
Recommended Architectural and Engineering Fees This document assists in determining State of Maine recommended fees when negotiating for architectural and engineering fees based on construction costs.


Design Phase Documents Document Description
Professional Services Agreement - Programming and Schematic Design Phase
Revised 23 Oct 2013
This form is used for early Architectural / Engineering project planning and design services that may or may not result in a full service design agreement at a later date.
Professional Services Agreement - Consulting Services
Revised 23 Oct 2013
This form is for Architectural, Engineering, and other professional services such as appraisers, surveyors, estimators, et cetera.
Professional Services Supplemental Agreement
Revised 23 Oct 2013
This form amends the time, scope, or cost of any of the Professional Services Agreements.
Sample Notice to Municipality Letter to notify municipality of a state public improvement project in that municipality. This letter is typically submitted as soon as practicable after beginning the schematic design process.
Department of Labor Wage Determination Request A wage determination request is required for construction contract values of $50,000 or more.
Standard Division 00 Procurement and Contracting Requirements Several documents and forms that represent the "boilerplate" requirements for projects that are to be included in the Bid Documents.
Sample Bid Tabulation Form Excel spreadsheet used to record the bids at the time of bid opening.
Sample Notice of Award Letter Letter to notify successful bidder of the intent to contract with that firm.


Construction Phase Documents Document Description
Minor Construction Project Contract
Rev. 15 Apr 2009
This form is used for minor public improvement projects with a construction cost up to $5,000.
Minor Construction Project Contract Attachment A This attachment is used with the Minor Construction Project Contract to describe the Scope of Work.
Small Construction Project Contract
Rev. 5 Nov 2013
This form is used for projects with a construction cost up to $50,000.
Sample Preconstruction Meeting Agenda Reference document to assist in conducting a preconstruction meeting.
Requisition for Payment Form Excel spreadsheet for contractor applications for payment.
Change Order Form Excel spreadsheet for construction change orders.