Pre-Registration Eligibility

Please see our Eligibility Requirements to learn more about who can be buried in the Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery System.

In order to make your funeral and burial process as smooth as possible, you may wish to pursue pre-registration.  Pre-registration allows a veteran – at any point in their life - to establish eligibility for interment within the MVMCS.

There is no cost for pre-registration and it does not obligate you to be interred in MVMCS if you and/or your family members ultimately decide not to use the cemetery system. Primarily, pre-registration will help you establish eligibility and hopefully simplify the process for your next-of-kin at the time of death.

Spouses, widows, widowers and dependent children of eligible veterans are also eligible for internment. A separate pre-registration is not necessary for dependents. Specific plots are not reserved until scheduling of the burial.

To apply for pre-registration, you must have appropriate documentation of your military service.  This includes:

  • Active Duty – Please submit a certified copy of your DD214 or equivalent (If more than one period of service, please submit a copy of each DD214 you were issued).
  • National Guard/Reservists – Please submit a copy of your 20-year retirement letter and a DD214, NGB22 or equivalent.

You may apply for pre-registration either via our online application (PDF) or at one of the three cemetery locations below:

Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery – Mt Vernon Road
163 Mt. Vernon Road
Augusta, ME  04330

Northern Maine Veterans Cemetery
37 Lombard Road
Caribou, ME 04736

Southern Maine Veterans Cemetery
83 Stanley Road
Springvale, ME  04083