Scheduling a Burial

Burial/inurnment options


  • New burials – Augusta-Mt Vernon Road, Caribou & Springvale
  • Reservation fills (fulfillment of a prior reservation made at the time of the burial of a family member in the Memorial Cemeteries) – based on location of interred person

Columbarium niche wall

  • New inurnments & reservation-fills – Augusta-Civic Center Drive, Caribou & Springvale

*Eligible dependents will be buried/inurned adjacent to or in the same plot as the veteran.

Casketed interments: Funeral home involvement is mandatory per State of Maine law. Selection of funeral home is either by deceased during pre-planning or their representative at time of need. The funeral home's representative will obtain the necessary information and contact the appropriate Maine Veterans' Cemetery to make the arrangements.

Cremation interments: Funeral home involvement is not mandatory. The family of the deceased may opt-out of utilizing a funeral home's services and make the committal arrangements themselves; in which case they should call Maine Veterans' Cemetery directly (please see our phone numbers below).

Eligible Veterans, spouses and dependents to be buried in the Maine Veterans' Memorial Cemetery System (MVCS) are entitled to the following at no cost to the family:

  • Scheduling assistance by qualified cemetery staff
  • Use of a MVCS facility for a 15-20-minute committal service
  • Plot
  • Opening and closing of the plot
  • Perpetual care

Scheduling Assistance

  • Verification of eligibility for burial in MVCS
  • Scheduling Date & Time for Committal Service or delivery of remains without a committal service
  • Locating contact information for the following:
    • Honor Guard (optional)
    • Gun Salute Team (optional)
    • Pastoral Services (optional)

Committal Service options

  • Maine Veterans' Memorial Cemetery, Civic Center Drive, Augusta | (207) 287-3481
  • Maine Veterans' Memorial Cemetery, 163 Mt Vernon Road, Augusta | (207) 287-3481
  • Northern Maine Veterans' Cemetery, 37 Lombard Road, Caribou | (207) 492-1173
  • Southern Maine Veterans' Cemetery, 83 Stanley Road, Springvale | (207) 459-7394

Acadia National Cemetery

To schedule a burial at Acadia National Cemetery, please contact the National Cemetery Scheduling Office at 1-800-535-1117. Please visit the National Cemetery Association’s website on step-by-step instructions.

For more information on the Acadia National Cemetery, please reference the Acadia National Cemetery Fact Sheet.