Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Only veterans can be interred at the Maine Veterans' Cemetery?

A: No. Veterans and their dependents who meet the criteria that determines eligibility can be interred at the Maine Veterans' Cemetery System.

Q: Is interment limited to Maine residents?

A: No. Maine residency is not required to be interred in the Maine Veterans' Cemetery System.

Q: What does it cost for my Spouse to be buried?

A: Unlike many other states, the State of Maine does not charge for veteran spouses and eligible dependents to be interred.

Q: Are there any fees for interment at the cemeteries?

A: Beyond what you will be charged by the funeral home for their services i.e. embalming, cremation, casket, casket vault or urn the State of Maine provides the opening and closing of the gravesite and perpetual care at no charge. The state of Maine provides the plot, opening and closing of the grave, perpetual care at no charge and the United States federal government provides a headstone, marker or niche cover at no cost.

Q: Must the veteran be interred first?

A: No. The veteran is the one entitled to the burial plot however, if the veteran is pre-deceased by his spouse then the spouse, (or eligible dependent) is entitled to an immediate interment.

Q: Must I be cremated to be buried in the Maine Veterans' Cemetery System?

A: No. We have three types of burials at the cemetery: burial of cremains in the Columbarium niche; in ground burial of cremains; and full casket burials with upright white marble headstones.

Q: Will my spouse and I be together?

A: Yes. Veterans and their dependents will be in the same plot or adjacent to.

Q: Do I need to purchase a vault for a full casket burial?

A: We do not provide vaults, however double-depth in-ground concrete liners are provided free of charge in the upright marble headstone burial sections. The difference between a vault and a liner is that the vault is waterproof and the liner allows drainage.

Q: Can I reserve a plot now?

A: No, the Maine Veterans' Cemetery System does not take reservations.

Q: What do I need to be buried in the Maine Veterans' Cemetery System?

A: We encourage veterans to submit an application form with the required documents now. The cemetery will then issue an eligibility certificate to the veteran, which can be put with other important documents. The pre-application makes it easier for the surviving family to schedule the interment. The documents required are : Certified copy of DD214 or other equivalent discharge documents.

Q: Will there be room for me?

A: Yes, there will be room for interments at the four Maine Veterans' Cemeteries for many years.

Q: What size is the niche in the Columbarium?

A: Columbarium niches are designed to accommodate two receptacles, e.g. for a veteran and eligible spouse. The niche dimensions are 14" in height, 10" in width, and 17 3/4" in depth. Accordingly, it is important that these dimensions are considered when purchasing an urn (receptacle). If a second inurnment is anticipated, both receptacles must fit within these dimensions.

If you have a specific question, feel free to contact us at the Maine Veterans' Cemetery System. You can call us at our Augusta Office at 207-287-3481 or email your question or comment to

Important information to have when contacting the Maine Veterans' Cemetery to make arrangements: Full name, birthdate, place of birth, city/town of residence, social security number and date of passing.