State Workforce Board

September 30, 2016: 9:30 AM
Frances Perkins Room, CMCC


SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

Present: Fred Webber, Jim Howard, Doug Ray, Tracey Cooley, Jon Mason, Mel Clarrage, David Duguay, Liz Rensenbrink, Jennifer McKenna, Susan Hammond, Nicole Morin-Scribner, Scott Good (phone), Senator Amy Volk (phone), Richard Freund in behalf of Jeanne Paquette (Proxy), Ed McKersie (Proxy), Kevin Healey (Proxy), Ryan Bushey (Proxy), Joanne Harris (Proxy)

Staff: Garret Oswald, Josh Howe, Cheryl Moran

Fred Webber opened the meeting with welcomes and introductions and asked for approval of the 07/29/2016 minutes. Mel Clarrage motioned. Jim Howard seconded. Minutes approved as written.

CHAIRS REPORT Fred Webber reported that he attended the National Governor’s Association (NGA) Conference last month in Chicago. The areas of discussion were: • Regulations and the release of Regulations. • The skilled workforce – shortfalls, not only here in Maine but nationwide. • Measure performance. • Performance standards. • Alignment. • Expectations and accomplishments of Board members. • How to keep business representatives on the Board motivated. Fred learned that there’s a lot of tension between USDOL and USDOE and both departments are not in sync when it comes to workforce development. Hopefully they do not wait for the change in Administration. If we do not have partnership with economic development, we will not have a good Plan. Fred stated that he and Garret would like to conduct half of the Board meetings outside of the Capital. They believe this would provide more opportunity for others to attend. Fred stated that he will meet with each Board member to discuss how well we have done. He was pleased that there has been a renewed initiative around apprenticeship and that $200,000 is coming to each State. Fred learned from his peers that they want to hear about the work in Maine, results of the audit, how we apply discretionary monies, regional planning efforts and they want to come to Maine next summer. Also, they were fascinated with the Veterans’ website. They would like a formal presentation from Aida and Laura. The conference all in all was great. Liz Rensenbrink asked Fred to explain the disagreement between USDOL and USDOE. Fred Webber stated that they did not go into much detail. Ginny Carroll thought that one of the reasons is the data sharing issue. Garret Oswald stated that everything circles around WIOA and everyone wants to get it right. Fred Webber stated that we will get back to everyone with a better answer. Karen Fraser announced that Rehabilitation Services received a 5 year, 9 million dollar (USDOE) Grant. Garret Oswald provided the press release announcements on the 2016 Silver Collar Award recipients and the Machias CareerCenter Employee Wins National Workforce Award. The Silver Collar Employer Award honors employers whose policies and practices match the needs of mature employees and are recognized as senior-friendly employers. Janie Small from the Machias CareerCenter is the recipient of the 2016 James F. Walls Workforce Agency Employee Award of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) for her outstanding service to local youth. She is the first to receive from Maine and the second in New England. Richard Freund urged members that if you are in the Machias area, to visit the CareerCenter to meet her. She is truly remarkable! Garret Oswald – Janie has done an exemplary job! Garret introduced his new Staff person, Josh Howe, Project Coordinator who replaced Paul Leparulo for the implementation strategy of the WIOA Unified Plan. He also thanked Ed Upham and Josh Howe for being responsible in receiving a Grant in the amount of $1.1 million dollars to integrate our technology. Data integration is a tremendous burden. Garret stated that today’s meeting will not be conducted the way we usually do (1st half general workforce issues and the 2nd half strictly WIOA), that this meeting will be dedicated to moving theses Polices (One Stop Certification Criteria and Youth Service Provider Criteria) because at the last meeting, we ran short on time. He apologized for that.

WIOA POLICIES: Ginny Carroll One Stop Certification Criteria: Ginny provided a draft handout on the One Stop Certification Criteria Policy. The Policy is to provide guidance to Local Boards regarding the criteria to be used to evaluate and certify one-stop centers. In order to be eligible to receive infrastructure funding, one-stop centers must be assessed and certified by the Local Boards at least once every three years. The major focus is continuing improvement of our systems and that this is the service integration piece.
Fred Webber asked members if they are willing to sit through a session to get a better handle. He stated that he will try to put this on the agenda at the next Board meeting. Jennifer McKenna asked to clarify outreach. Ginny stated outreach refers to individuals who cannot easily access the services at the physical one-stop centers including individuals in remote areas, individuals with disabilities and individuals who are currently incarcerated and preparing for release. A great way to provide outreach for those individuals is through technology. Garret Oswald stated that we will be developing a Dashboard to identify high level measures. Jim Howard stated in reference to measuring, rural areas vs coastal/southern areas is a challenge. Ginny stated Customer Satisfaction is one measure that we really need to look at. She will adjust tool and articulate and get back with members. Jon Mason suggested having an open forum and establishing an effective benchmark at the beginning. That is what they have done at BIW. Nicole Morin-Scribner suggested key dashboard measures. Ginny stated that she wants to add that piece. Garret Oswald pointed out edits so we can approve. The two edits are: benchmark, and key dashboard measures. Richard Freund motioned. David Duguay seconded. One-Stop Certification Criteria Policy approved with edits.

Youth Service Provider Criteria: Ginny provided a draft handout on the Youth Service Provider Criteria Policy. The Policy is to provide guidance to local areas and local youth committees regarding additional youth service provider criteria established by the State Workforce Development Board. Ginny stated that when youth walk into a CareerCenter, we assess which package do they need or require. Youth are always guided by Staff. Jim Howard asked are we talking about 18 year olds. Ginny clarified that the age group is 14 – 24 years. Fred Webber asked Mel Clarrage if he has dealt with this age group. Mel Clarrage stated that he has dealt with only a couple and he predominantly works with nursing homes and institutions and that the housing piece is the main focus at the present time. Fred Webber asked Ginny if she has engaged with Denise on this input. Ginny stated yes and she has gone before those Committees. She pointed out that a lot of youth do not have a high school diploma that come to us. Fred Webber referred to Letter F, sub-section g: apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship opportunities - stated that he is glad that this area is highlighted and that the employer will benefit at the end of the road. Jon Mason reported that at BIW, they have 74 active in their apprenticeship program. Jennifer McKenna stated that she thinks BIW has the best apprenticeship program. She reported that she just had a meeting with Meg Harvey, CTE Director from MDOE on pre-apprenticeship. Tracey Cooley reported that the Job Corp in Penobscot County was selected for the apprenticeship program. She also reported that each of their Centers will pilot the hospitality and culinary trades. What she still cannot believe is that the 36 years she has been in business is that there are people that have not heard of the Job Corp. Because of this, we need to do a lot better at marketing. Fred Webber suggested to the members that if you are in the Bangor area to visit the Job Corp. It is very rewarding.
Ginny stressed that it is very hard to keep the youth engaged due to their circumstances. If they are not kept engaged, we will not meet our performance measures. Fred Webber stated under WIOA, there is a lot of balance. Ginny agreed. She also pointed out that serving people with a lot of difficulties is hard to understand at time. Garret Oswald feels that finally USDOL has listened. Richard Freund stated that driving collaboration has to be employer driven to be successful. Fred Webber strongly stated that working together is the key and is the critical goal and objective of this Board. 2 edits: Tracey Cooley – Section C: use the word integrated. Section L, sub-section e: add academic component. Tracey Cooley motioned. David Duguay seconded. Youth Service Provider Criteria Policy approved as amended.

STATE PERFORMANCE MEASURE – 40% OCCUPATIONAL SKILLS TRAINING EXPENDITURE: Garret Oswald opened the discussion starting with the background by stating that we crafted a Policy to increase the amount of funds on Big T training covering academics (classroom), tuition, OJT and supportive services (which may be needed to be successful and to continue in the training program). WIOA requires leveraging of all the different dollars. The infrastructure cost sharing agreement does not need to be in place until 2017. The 40% funding speaks specifically to the Adult and Dislocated Worker Program funding streams at the local level not administrative dollars. He stated that the SWB would like to look at it again next summer of 2017. Ginny Carroll stated that this is a new way of negotiating how funds are being spent. Garret Oswald asked the Board for the recommendation of temporary suspending the 40% goal and to continue to track the data. Jim Howard motioned. Jennifer McKenna seconded. Recommendation approved unanimously.

OTHER: Fred Webber congratulated Susan Hammond on being elected to the Maine Community Foundation and receiving and $800,000 Grant from the EDF. Garret Oswald announced that at the November meeting, the 2017 State Workforce Board Meeting schedule will be put out. However, we would like to hold the winter meetings here in Augusta, the spring meetings in the southern region (Portland) and the fall meetings in the north (Bangor). Garret provided a summary in reference to the recent federal monitoring. He thought the monitoring went as well as it could. They were pleased, impressed. There were a few things to adjust, nothing major. They were very complimentary to what they saw up here in Maine and our performance is relatively to other states. Richard Freund – there is good collaboration going on. In hindsight, good experience.

ADJOURN: Fred Webber asked for meeting to adjourn. Mel Clarrage motioned. Richard Freund seconded. Meeting adjourned. NEXT MEETING will be held on November 18, 2016 from 9:30 – 12:00 in the France Perkins Room, MDOL Central Maine Commerce Center in Augusta.

Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Moran