State Workforce Investment Board

October 2, 2015: 9:30 AM
France Perkins Room, Central Maine Commerce Center


October 2, 2015

Present: Fred Webber, Jon Mason, Liz Rensenbrink, Terry Young, Susan Hammond, Nicole Morin-Scribner, Scott Good, Joanne Harris, Jeanne Paquette, David Bernhardt, Michael Hersey (in behalf of George Gervais), Mary Mayhew, Jim Howard (in behalf of Joseph Fitzpatrick), Gail Senese and Meg Harvey (in behalf of Tom Desjardin), Don Berry (phone), Jennifer McKenna, John Leavitt, Ed McKersie (excused), Kevin Healey (excused), Robert Carmichael (excused), Ryan Bushey (excused), Tracey Cooley (excused), Amy Volk (excused), Erin Herbig (excused), Leo (Chip) Roche (absent), Mel Clarrage (absent), James Page (absent), Dereck Langhauser (absent), Tom Davis (absent), Sallie Chandler (absent)

SWDB Staff: Garret Oswald, Paul Leparulo, Cheryl Moran

Welcome & Introductions • Fred Webber opened the meeting with welcomes and introductions. • Jeanne Paquette announced Governor LePage will not be able to attend due to the paper mill closures. He sends his regrets and supports initiatives. Jeanne stated the Governor will be invited to the next meeting as long as his schedule permits. Also she will provide the Governor an update.

Board Logistics • Garret Oswald – name of the Board is required by WIOA federal legislation. The focus will be on the Workforce Board in general and little around WIOA. He feels that our State Board provides greater opportunity beyond WIOA. We need to work together as a single seamless team and to have good partnership and communication to improve service delivery. The Maine State Workforce Development Board under WIOA consists of 25 well-represented individuals and can be submitted to the Feds as a compliant Board ready to do business with the WIOA program. In order to have a Quorum, you need 13 members present and 7 businesses from a 25 member Board. Garret provided two handouts; 1) Title 1, Section 101 – required responsibility of the State Workforce Development Board under WIOA and 2) a “draft copy” of the By-Laws of the State Workforce Development Board. Garret stated the By-Laws are moved by the Committee, needs the Governor to approve and can be amended as needed. He would like to do an electronic vote so the members have a chance to read. • Joanna Russell asked are we starting the By-Laws under WIOA? • Garret said yes. Also, he will call each member individually. • Fred Webber recognized the Chairs of each Committee. Older Workers (OWC) Phil Dionne, Commission on Disability & Employment (CD & E) Jennifer Kimble, Women’s Employment Issues (WEIC) Gilda Nardone, Younger Workers (YWC) Denise Smith, Apprenticeship Don Berry and Veterans Employment Steve Wallace. He also stated for Quorum, the challenge is having enough business representation. • Garret Oswald – The State Workforce Board Conflict of Interest Policy form is required to be signed by each Board member. He mentioned how he was pleased with the commitment and energy that was in the room.

Maine’s Workforce Development System Partners • Paul Leparulo provided a brief overview of the Asset Map. He stated the priority of workforce development is to have a skilled and more productive workforce which will result in the success of Maine’s economy. The total funding for all programs under WIOA is 500 million. He stated there are 15,400 jobs being difficult to fill due to lack of qualified candidates or applicants which presents gaps. The long-term challenge is Maine’s population. It is no longer growing which prevents economic growth. Demographically, Maine population is old. Educational attainment is comparable to the Nation but below in New England. Talent drives economic stability. • Scott Good – stated demand for services are coming. • Joanne Harris – would like to see data (specifically the outcomes if you can) on the top 3 or 4 jobs that customers have landed after receiving these programs. • Jeanne Paquette – stated trying to get systems to talk to each other is a challenge. • Joanna Russell – we should look at childhood education to help them get motivated in science and math. • Fred Webber – stated Tyler Technologies will add 500 workers over 10 years. He asked the question, how are you going to do it? • Liz Rensenbrink, H.R. Director from Tyler Technologies stated they will train people internally to be technical. She mentioned in the IT field, they are always struggling to fill these positions. • Jon Mason, H.R. Director from B.I.W. stated they have hired over 2,000 workers over the past 2 years. The biggest issue is investing in internal training. • Denise Smith – stated the issue with disadvantaged Youth is employers do not have time to train. We need to make an initial investment. If we do not, we will not have people to fill the vacancies from the aging workforce. • Nichole Morin-Scribner, Director of H.R. & Learning from St. Mary’s Health System stated currently, they have 190 positions posted but cannot find the right people to fill them. They want to have training programs but are not funded for that. • Joanne Harris – we need the whole system to support workforce development. • John Leavitt, Regional Business Manager from NE Region Council of Carpenters stated they have openings for carpenters. The issue is keeping workers due to lack of competitive wage.

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act 101 • Cheryl Moran provided a brief overview of the handout WIOA 101: Introduction to the New Law to Members and new Members who may not be familiar. She also included on the last page of the handout a Website Informational Sheet to Access Everything WIOA.

Adult Education WIA Incentive Grant Projects • Gail Senese – provided a handout on the Adult Education Integrated Education and Training Pilot Grant. The Grant consisted of 5 projects from 5 Northern Maine Counties and is integrated training with classroom that will result in an actual job. The goal is 500 to be trained. Many are on public assistance hoping to be self-sufficient.

Agenda items for next meeting • Garret Oswald stated he would like the Members of the Committee to help craft the future agenda. Any suggestions please send an email. A draft handout was provided for the 2016 State Workforce Board Meeting Schedule. • Fred Webber thought from the Chair’s position, it is important to meet every other month but we do not have to always meet in Augusta. Suggestions were made to have one meeting in Portland and one in Bangor. Fred suggested everyone to think about it. • Rachel Knight and Scott Burnett from Destination Occupation provided a brief overview along with a handout on who they are and what they do. Destination Occupation is an online career exploration resource of personalized video job profiles which builds awareness of: • the knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to be successful in Maine’s job market • where to get the training, education and skills • Maine’s current and future workforce needs Next meeting will be held on 11/20/15, 9:30am – Noon in the Frances Perkins Room, Commerce Drive, Augusta.

Adjourn • Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Moran