State Workforce Investment Board

May 29, 2015: 9:30 AM
France Perkins Room, Central Maine Commerce Center

State Workforce Investment Board May 29, 2015

Present; Fred Webber, Chip Roche, Yvonne Mickles (phone), Jean Colhart, Jim Howard, Gail Senese, Don Berry, Joanne Harris, Ed McKersie, Ruth Pease, Joan Dolan, Phil Dionne, Jennifer Kimble, Jeff Sneddon, Jim Trundy, Liz Ray, Ginny Carroll, Richard Freund, Meg Harvey, David Klein, Tracey Cooley, Renee Kelly (joined via phone later), Kelly Rickert, Judy Plummer-Beale, Barbara Woodlee (phone), Ryan Bushey (phone), Absent with proxy; Robert Carmichael, Kevin Healey, Terry Young, Mel Clarrage, Absent; Scott Good, Susan Hammond, Tom Davis, John Leavitt, Craig Larrabee, Senator Amy Volk(excused), Representative Erin Herbig(excused), Sallie Chandler(excused), Dan Muth(excused), Denise Garland(excused), William Burney(excused), Laura Boyett(excused)

SWIB Staff; Garret Oswald, Paul Leparulo, Cheryl Moran

Fred Webber opened the meeting with welcomes and introductions.

Chairs Report – Fred Webber talks briefly about the Vision meeting.

Next on the agenda was the Competitive Skills Scholarship Program (CSSP) Occupations List Approval.

  • Joan Dolan (filling in for Kimberly Campbell) stated that the Program is designed to obtain a post-secondary certification/degree that leads to high wage/high demand self-sustaining employment. In order to qualify, the household income must be 200% or less of the poverty level. The list of high wage/high demand occupations must be approved by the State Board.
    • Joanne Harris was questioning why a Medical Coder was not on the list because there is a career ladder.
  • Joan Dolan specified that even if an occupation is not on the list, there still may be flexibility. Joan suggested eliminate the list and refer directly with the employers need because quality education and skill should be the main focus.
  • Ed McKersie asked how is CSSP marketed and is there a better way to get the word out to businesses?
  • Joan Dolan explained, currently there are posters, posting on the CareerCenter website, meetings with Partners.
  • Richard Freund stated we need to have a better way to get the information out to the public.
  • Ruth Pease who represents the Center for Workforce Research & Information explained the list is based on 2012 – 2022 projections. She explained that the list is generated on 2 criteria, high demand which means an occupation has at least 20 annual openings, and high wage, the median wage is above $16.06 per hour or $33,400 annual.

Fred Webber asked for the approval of the 2015 Competitive Skills Scholarship Program (CSSP) List.

Don Berry motioned. Joanne Harris seconded. All voted yes in favor.

Next up was the SWIB Director’s Position Job Description Approval.

  • Garret Oswald stated that the approval is required under the new WIOA act.
  • Paul Leparulo provided a copy of the revised description and briefly discussed.

Fred Webber asked for the approval.

Ed McKersie motioned. Tracey Cooley seconded. All voted yes unanimously.

WIOA Local Area Designation Policy (DRAFT)

– Ginny Carroll – The Governor is required to have a policy for initial local area designation in place. The Policy does not need to be formally approved by the SWIB but needs to be consulted with SWIB. - Chip Roche noted that when fiscal agents direct contracting, private sector participation is limited compared to when local boards direct contracting. He recommended that local boards should be responsible for directing contracts in order to increase private sector engagement. - Meg Harvey noted that the draft policy should incorporate Chip’s suggestion. - Ginny Carroll stated yes it can. Any recommendations or feedback, email Ginny Carroll and CC Richard Freund.

Fred Webber then spoke no formal action needed, no votes.

WIOA Vision & Mission Workshop Review/Discussion

  • Garret Oswald spoke about the WIOA Vision Workshop that was held on May 18 & 19. He stated there were 75 invited with a goal of 60 and we ended up with 59 attendees. A variety of attendees was well-represented. Neil Cambridge, the Facilitator was outstanding. Everyone had the opportunity to participate. Provided output for the Vision statement and the Unified Plan Committee has already started to work on the goals. Garret stated that there will be a third full day follow-up to solidify goals and there will be many more opportunities to provide comments prior to completion.
  • Paul Leparulo – Garret provided a great synopsis. The session allowed the opportunity to craft a vision/goals much larger than what applies to the Law.
  • Jim Howard – Very diverse group which was great!
  • Garret Oswald – The third day scheduled for the Workshop will be held on 6/25/15, Florian Hall, Augusta, ME. By the next SWIB Meeting in July, we should have something to push on.


  • Gail Senese wanted everyone to be aware that the Maine Development Foundation is another resource for training funds.
  • Garret Oswald spoke about the Board composition changes effective July 1st and that it is a new WIOA requirement. He also mentioned that 20% of the Board needs to represent the workforce.

Last on the agenda was the approval of the 3/27/15 meeting minutes. Chip Roche motioned. Meg Harvey seconded and the vote was unanimous to approve as written.

Next meeting is scheduled for 7/31/15, Frances Perkins Room, Central Maine Commerce Center, Augusta.

Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Moran.