State Workforce Investment Board

January 16, 2015: 9:30 AM
France Perkins Room, Central Maine Commerce Center


Present; Fred Webber, Scott Good, Joanne Harris, Kevin Healey, Terry Young, Liz Ray, Brian Whitney, Bill Burney, Renee Kelly, Margaret Harvey, Judy Plummer Beal, Richard Freund, Barbara Woodlee (phone), Dan Muth, (phone), Excused; Laura Boyett, Ed McKersie, Ryan Bushey, Senator Amy Volk, Craig Larrabee, Mel Clarrage, Gail Senese, Tracey Cooley, Yvonne Mickles Absent; Chip Roche, Robert Carmichael, Susan Hammond, Senator John Patrick, Senator Garret Mason, Tom Davis, Sallie Chandler, Don Berry, John Leavitt, Gerard Salvo,
Staff; Garret Oswald Fred Webber opened the meeting with welcomes and introductions. Kelly Rickert then gave a presentation about the five generations of workforce that employers are dealing with. Kelly’s handout included information about each group, their life experiences and preferences, as well as workplace policies that are viewed as benefiting the various cohort groups. Kelly offer her assistance to anyone interested in internships. The Board appreciated Kelly’s good information and great energy. Next up was a brief Chairs report. Fred spoke about the recent Committee Chairs meeting and the specific data opportunity that was identified at the meeting. Access to good data related to the committee cohort groups (Veterans, People with Disabilities, Women, Youth, Older Workers, ...) is sorely needed for strategic planning and program improvement. The biggest obstacle to having the data is the fact that we cannot currently connect education and training records to wage records because one uses a unique identifying number and the other uses social security numbers. Some states have addressed this through data sharing agreements with state agencies that collect SS numbers and other personal identifying information. Paul Leparulo has some experience with this issue having worked on the Workforce Data Quality Initiative and will convene a work group of Committee representatives. The workgroup will develop a template of what data the committees would like to have as well as a recommendation/strategy to address the ss number/unique identifier issue (Legislation, Executive order, data sharing agreements, ...). A motion to convene the data workgroup and to address the SS number issue was made by Dr. Barbara Woodlee and seconded by Kevin Healey. After brief discussion, the vote was unanimous to support the effort.

Next on the agenda was a workforce outlook presentation by Glen Mills, from CWRI. CWRI recently released a report that focused on Maine workforce projections for 2012 – 2022. The information was grouped into three sections; the labor force, industry employment and occupational employment. Glen spoke about how the dynamics of each of these have contributed to constant changes in the workforce and skill demands, and that middle skill jobs are being replaced by automation. The information suggested that we have challenges ahead such as the fact that we will have job growth but not labor force growth in the next ten years. He noted that the majority of job openings will be from replace opportunity and not growth, and that the work attributes valued in growing occupations are very different that from those in declining occupations. (for example critical thinking, problem solving, processing information, data analysis vs. machinery operation, physical strength, manual dexterity, clerical functions, ...). The board had many questions for Glen related to his presentation, and thought it was valuable information that could be used in the upcoming WIOA unified plan.

Next up was a conversation about what Maine would like to see related to performance measures for serving employers. Under WIOA, states will be required to measure employer engagement with the workforce development system, and the Feds are asking for input on this issue. With time running short Garret Oswald asked the Board if we could send out something electronically for their feedback and they agreed. Lastly, Fred asked for approval of the SWIB meeting minutes from 9/26/14 and 11/21/14. The motion was made to approve by Terry Young and seconded by Joanne Harris. All were in favor.

The next SWIB meeting is scheduled for 3/27/15. Respectfully submitted by Garret Oswald.