State Workforce Investment Board Meeting

July 25, 2014: 9:30 AM
Frances Perkins Room, Central Maine Commerce Center, 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta ME


Present; Fred Webber, Wayne Holmquist, Scott Good, Ryan Bushey, Kevin Healey, Terry Young, Robert Carmichael (phone) Susan Hammond (phone), Rep. Amy Volk (phone), Rep. Peter Johnson, Tom Davis, Craig Larrabee, Tracey Cooley, Gerard Salvo, Mel Clarrage, Renne Kelly, Carolyn Lockwood, Gail Senese, Liz Ray, Dan Muth, Barbara Woodlee, Brian Whitney, Meg Harvey, Judy Plummer-Beale Absent with Excuse; Ed McKersie, Peter Pare, Laura Boyette, William Burney, Sen. John Patrick Absent; Leo Roche, Joanne Harris, Sen. Garrett Mason, Sallie Chandler, Don Berry, John Leavitt, Yvonne Mickles Staff; Garret Oswald

The SWIB Chair, Fred Webber opened the meeting with welcomes and introductions. Fred the discussed the recent events related to Legislation, funding and SWIB staffing. Fred asked the Board for approval of the 5/23/14 SWIB meeting minutes; Brian Whitney made a motion and Tracey Cooley seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous to approve as written.

Next on the agenda was a presentation of Project Login by Jay Collier, Program Director. Jay told the group that demand will grow for IT professionals roughly 16 – 22 % between 2010 and 2020. Long story short – there are not enough enrollees in the computer science programs. Thus the goals of the effort is to increase the number of students in CS programs, as well as the number of programs offered (ie, through the TAACCCT IT grant with the Community Colleges). Jay was excited to hear more about the Industry Partnership model, and the new funding streams that are available thanks to two DOL grants: The WIA Incentive Grant ($819k) and the JD NEG Grant ($4.85M). Project Login is identifying learning opportunities including summer boot camps, on line sessions, a website to promote awareness of the sector, and Industry Partnership models. The idea of recruiting Veterans as IT trainees was also discussed. Next on the agenda was a presentation by Sally Sutton about the New Mainers Resource Center in Portland that was funded as part of LD 90. Sally talked about the Skilled Professional program, and the Workplace English and Job Class program, and the various services offered by each. Sally also gave a brief report about some of the activities to date as well as the funding they have received and a survey they are using to collect information. Sally asked for any assistance that the SWIB could provide in connecting to employers going forward. Next on the agenda was updates about recent grant awards. Joan Dolan spoke about the Job Driven National Emergency Grant that Maine has been awarded ($4.85M). The grant will be used for already identified projects with employers. Tim Sardano talked about the WIA Incentive grant, which will also be used to support Industry Partnership efforts across the state. Last up was Garret Oswald who spoke about the National Governors Association Policy Academy proposal that Maine submitted last month, and will be awarded in early August. Lastly the Vice Presidents new Workforce System report was released this week. It focuses on “Job-Driven Training and American Opportunity”, and highlights a Job Driven Checklist with Six key elements that will be applicable to Labor, education, and Economic Development programs, grants, and activities. The six elements are; Engaging Employers, Earn & Learn, Smart Choices, Measurements Matter, Stepping Stones, Opening Doors and Regional Partnerships. Members asked for the link to the report to be forwarded.

The next SWIB meeting is scheduled for 9/26/14, but may be rescheduled to accommodate the NGA Policy Academy meeting, if Maine is selected as one of the eight participating states. Respectfully submitted by Garret Oswald.