DAFS Security and Employment Service Center - Staff Listing
Primary Responsibilities Name Title Phone #
Human Resources
HR Administration Bell, Susan HR Director 623-6733
Empl. Rel., Workers' Comp, Family Medical Leave, Disability Act Loisel, Michaela EEO Coordinator 623-6735
Workers' Comp, HR tracking Birch, Andrew HR Assistant 623-6739
Payroll: Public Safety, Emergency Management, Prof and Financial Reg Boucher, Ann HR Assistant 623-6732
Payroll:  Public Safety, Labor Chivington, Sandra HR Assistant 623-6746
Investigations, Training Harris, Bonnie HR Generalist 623-6730
HR Administration Hoague, Darleen HR Assistant 623-6700
Personnel Transactions, Workers' Comp Monroe, MaryJayne HR Generalist 623-6736
Personnel Transactions, Maine State Police Caron-Nash, Annette HR Generalist 623-6734
  Pease, Catherine HR Generalist 623-6738
Finance Administration Wiltuck, Katharine Director 623-6740
Finance Administration Leimbach, Marilyn Deputy Director 623-6701
Financial Analysts
Public Safety Comeau, Kathryn Financial Analyst 623-6703
Internal Audit Jupiter, Carla Financial Analyst  623-6722
Labor, Employment Services Lane, Jennifer Financial Analyst 623-6721
Public Safety and Professional and Financial Regulation Potvin, Denise Sr. Financial Analyst 623-6720
Labor, Unemployment Compensation and Workforce Research Schlieper, Nathalie Financial Analyst 623-6714
Labor, Rehab Services and Labor Standards Spencer, Susan Financial Analyst 623-6723
Grant Accounting
Public Safety Beach, Cindy Staff Accountant 623-6727
Internal Audit Bujold, Janet Staff Accountant 623-6718
Public Safety and Professional and Financial Regulation Houle, Elise Sr. Staff Accountant 623-6741 &
Labor, Rehab Services and Labor Standards Laverdiere, Leanne Staff Accountant 623-6712
Labor, Employment Services Vacant Staff Accountant 623-6706
Public Safety Patanovich, Bryan Staff Accountant 623-6725
Public Safety Vacant Accounting Technician 623-6707 &
Labor, Unemployment Compensation and Workforce Research Ready, Kevin Sr. Staff Accountant 623-6742
Labor, Employment Services Sargent, JoAnn Sr. Staff Accountant 623-6702
Unemployment Trust Fund
Labor, Unemployment Trust Fund Fleischer, Christian Sr. Staff Accountant 623-6795
Labor, Unemployment Trust Fund Burnham, Brittany Staff Accountant 623-6708
Labor, Unemployment Trust Fund Corum, Amber Accounting Technician 623-6715
Accounts Payable
Supervisor, Accounts Payable and Receiveable Colby, Carole Managing Staff Accountant 623-6705
Supervisor, Accounts Payable and Receiveable   Sr. Staff Accountant 623-6724
Public Safety Technology Invoices Barter, Lucinda Accounting Technician 623-6704
Invoices Chang, Krystal-Lee Accounting Technician 623-6795
Labor invoices/Emergency Management invoices Feliciano, Denise Accounting Associate I 623-6717
Internal invoices from other State Agencies Fink, Steve Accounting Technician 623-6749
State Police invoices Hayden, Debra Accounting Technician 623-6709
Travel Invoices Pettengill, Cynthia Accounting Technician 621-5077
Labor Invoices Simmons, Summer Accounting Technician 623-6710
Professional and Financial Regulation invoices Zogby, Douglas Accounting Associate I 623-6747
Accounts Receivable
Billing Davis, Michelle Accounting Associate I 623-6713
Public Safety and Emergency Management revenue Giberson, Gary Accounting Associate I 623-6716
Labor revenue Mansir, Beth Accounting Technician 623-6728