2021 Survey Information

This page contains materials for the 2021 Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey and is primarily for participating schools and parents/guardians of participating students. The 2021 administration of MIYHS will take place in October/November 2021 and will include in-school student surveys for grades 5-12. Select middle and high schools are eligible to administer their student surveys using a web-based survey identical to the paper surveys.

The 5th/6th grade survey is a sample designed to provide data for the state and geographic public health districts. The middle school (grades 7/8) survey and the high school (grades 9-12) survey include a census for all public and quasi-public (at least 60% publicly funded) schools designed to provide data for the state, geographic public health districts, and counties. School and School Administrative Unit (SAU) data for the 5th/6th grade survey, middle school survey, and high school survey are considered confidential and require permission from principals or superintendents.

Principal Information


MIYHS Coordinator Information


Parent Consent Letter Information


Survey Instruments (ONLY for the purposes of review, NOT for survey administration)