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September 25, 2009

The Maine Department of Labor Center for Workforce Research and Information has started work on a new job vacancy survey of Maine employers.

Over 3,100 Maine establishments were selected through a stratified random sampling to receive surveys. Although the project is still in its earliest phase, the results are anticipated to fill a variety of needs.

Job seekers will be able to use the results to find out which occupations (or regions) have the highest demand for workers, and employers will be able gauge the existence of labor shortages and plan solutions to hiring needs.

The results are also expected be helpful to policymakers and workforce professionals in identifying discrepancies between labor supply and demand and targeting resources and training to where it would be best utilized.

Brandt Information Services will be assisting the Center for Workforce Research and Information in collecting data from Maine employers. Employer responses are completely confidential - surveys will be combined with others to produce statistics on hiring needs in Maine. No information identifying your business or organization or its responses will be published or released.

Click here for more information on the Job Vacancy Survey.