SafetyWorks! Adds More Videos to Free Lending Library Bookmark and Share

September 11, 2009

Three new video titles were recently added to the SafetyWorks! video lending library and are available upon request to Maine employers.

The new titles include:

    1335 Just A Second Ago: The Brad Livingston Story DVD 21 min./2009 - Story of Brad Livingston’s decision to violate safety procedures, take short cuts, and condoning fellow employee unsafe acts resulting in his world being literally blown apart. Discusses how it affected his life, his family, and those he worked with. He tells his story to help motivate a safety culture to understand why they must always work safely.

    1336 Preventing the Spread of Contagious Illness 21 mins./2009 - DVD includes information about seasonal flu, avian flu, SARS and MRSA in addition to swine flu, explains the origins and symptoms of these illnesses as well as the general hygiene and prevention measures required to prevent spreading and contracting all contagious illnesses. The video stresses prevention and the personal responsibility required to avoid spreading an illness or infection. It also covers measures to take at home once you are infected and how to prepare for and respond to a pandemic of an illness.

    1338 Electric Pallet Jack 12 min. - Examines proper safety procedures for operating and maintaining powered pallet jacks. Topics include operator safety rules, daily maintenance procedures, and general safety procedures when operating this equipment.

The SafetyWorks! lending library includes over 400 videos in topics ranging Air Quality to Welding and everything in between. The service loans videos by mail to Maine workers and businesses at no charge.

All videos titles are posted online and users can select up to two videos at a time using an online form or by faxing in their request.