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January 6, 2017

Minimum Wage for overtime-eligible employees: $9 per hour. These employees can be paid by several different methods, including by salary. See the guidance here regarding different pay methods allowed under state and federal law. Employers have the right to allow or deny overtime, but if overtime is worked, it must be paid at 1.5 times the regular rate of pay. Compensatory or ?comp? time cannot be used by private-sector employers, although private-sector employers can allow employees to flex their time within the work week (but not the pay period if the pay period is longer than a seven day cycle).

Minimum Salary for overtime-exempt employees: The new minimum salary requirement will be $519.24 per week, up from the federal minimum of $455 per week. State law requires that overtime-exempt employees be paid an annual salary that ?exceeds 3,000 times the State's minimum hourly wage or the annualized rate established by the United States Department of Labor under the federal FLSA, whichever is higher? (26 MRS Sec. 663(3)(K)).

Posters: Employers are required to display certain posters in the workplace where workers can see them. The new 2017 Maine Minimum Wage poster, along with the federal minimum wage poster, must be displayed as of January 7, 2017. Employers must display these posters regardless of whether they employ any overtime-eligible employees.

The state and federal posters linked below meet the full legal requirements and can be downloaded and printed free of charge. For more information about individual posters, call the agencies listed on this web page: .

Employers with a physical location in the City of Portland must also display the Portland poster, available from the city: .

The latest Employer Update from the Maine Department of Labor provides additional information on the new Minimum Wage, Marijuana Legalization and the Workplace, Training help through Maine-at-Work and more: .

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