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December 8, 2016

Media Contact: Julie Rabinowitz, 207-621-5009

System maintenance scheduled for Dec. 11; Claimants who previously had Maine JobBank accounts need to reactivate their new Maine JobLink account before filing an initial claim

AUGUSTA—Maine Department of Labor Commissioner Jeanne Paquette urges people who anticipate that they will be filing unemployment claims now through early in the new year to file online and to make sure that they are fully registered on the Maine JobLink.

As winter and post-holiday seasonal layoffs occur at businesses around the state, claim volumes increase. Claimants must be registered on Maine JobLink, including a resume, before they will be allowed to file a continuing claim. They must also be available, able and actively seeking work while collecting unemployment, to include taking temporary jobs.

Governor Paul R. LePage advised, “Our employers need good workers. A temporary job can provide additional income to supplement unemployment, allow individuals to gain new skills, and help employers in this tight labor market. Our goals are to help people who have lost a job return to the workforce as soon as possible and increase the overall income of people who tend to work seasonally.”

Paquette stated, “If you are laid off, the best way to apply for unemployment is to file online at the Department of Labor’s unemployment website at www.file4ui.com . You must also register with Maine JobLink at http://www.mainecareercenter.gov .

She added, “Due to required system maintenance, it will be a good idea to check the website a few days in advance of when you plan to file your claim to be able to plan periodic outages.” System maintenance is planned for Sunday, Dec. 11 (subject to change) and will affect the entire unemployment system.

As part of the process for filing an unemployment claim on the website or by phone, all individuals will be checked for an active and complete JobLink registration. Those who do not have an active or completed JobLink account will be required to register before filing their next claim. Individuals who have already taken that step will be able to file their claim more quickly and may avoid having to call the department and experience a long wait time on the phone.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your Maine JobLink account active while you look for work. Unemployment claimants are reminded that they must have a complete and active profile every week in which they file for benefits.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are available at http://www.maine.gov/labor/unemployment/mjb.shtml . Additional tips on activating and maintaining your Maine JobLink account when filing for unemployment are available at http://www.file4ui.com .

**I had an account in the old Maine Job Bank. What happened to my information? How do I get to it? **

  • Your Maine Job Bank account transferred to the new Maine JobLink system. In order for you to file for benefits, the unemployment system must see that your Maine JobLink account is complete.

  • Specific login information to your new Job Seeker account has been sent to the email address on file in your Maine Job Bank account. If you are not sure whether you were sent an email, check your junk or spam email folder for a message from "Maine DOL." You will be required to reset your password in order to gain access to your account. You will be asked a security question as part of that process. If you need assistance with your Maine JobLink account, contact your closest Maine CareerCenter at http://www.mainecareercenter.gov/locations/index.shtml .

  • Make sure all required question are answered by clicking on “My Profile.” Select “Personal Information,” click on “edit personal information” and make sure all asterisked questions are answered, especially the ones with red indicators. Common unanswered questions are: “Are you an individual with a disability?” and “Are you a registered apprentice?”

  • Because the JobLink has improved features, you will need to provide some additional information by completing the required fields and uploading or creating a resume to be considered fully registered. Maine JobLink requires some different and/or additional information than the previous Maine Job Bank.

  • If you are re-opening a benefit year, be sure to provide your Social Security Number in your Maine JobLink account before filing any unemployment claim so that your Maine JobLink account will be matched to your unemployment account (you will have the option to remove your Social Security Number when you are no longer collecting unemployment).

I am seeing an Error Message about my resume. What do I do?

Log on and make sure your resume is complete AND active:

  • Expired Resume? The date will be in red. Click on the date, activate by selecting number of days to remain active (up to 90 days).

  • No resume? Log in to your Maine JobLink account and follow through with the required questions. To create a new resume, select “Create Resume” and to upload an existing resume, select “Upload your Resume.”

  • Incomplete resume? Select View Options, View/Edit. Answer any unanswered required questions.

The system is not accepting my dates. What do I do?

  • Maine JobLink Dates: If you need to enter your birthday at any time and it is not being recognized, try re-entering without such symbols as – or / . Still not recognized? Contact your local CareerCenter (find locations at http://www.mainecareercenter.gov/locations/index.shtml ) or call Maine JobLink at 207-623-7967.

I never used the old Maine Job Bank system and need to file for unemployment. What do I do first?

  • You should file for unemployment first. The system will create a new, partial Maine JobLink account for you as the last step in filing your initial claim; this automated process takes about an hour. As part of that process, you will be emailed a username and temporary password. Once logged into your Maine JobLink account, you will need to complete your registration to activate the account. It will need to be complete before filing your next claim for unemployment.

What does Maine JobLink require for a "complete" registration when filing for unemployment benefits?

  • Solely logging into your JobLink account will not be enough to pass the unemployment system’s requirement for registration with the JobLink. Logging in is only the first step.

  • Maine JobLink requires that your account have a resume to be considered complete, which you can upload or create within your JobLink account.

  • It will be helpful if you have your resume with you when you log in to complete your account. If you need to visit a CareerCenter for assistance, please bring that information with you.

How do I access Maine JobLink?

“We urge you to activate your JobLink account as soon as possible, even before you are laid off, and to file online for unemployment,” stated the Commissioner. “Although laid-off workers can phone in their unemployment claims, high call volumes mean longer wait times, especially if the systems were scheduled for maintenance on the weekend. Our website offers the most convenient way to file a claim 24 hours a day and also connects job seekers to resources that will help them get a new job,” the Commissioner explained.

Federal and state law requires all individuals filing for unemployment insurance benefits be registered with the Maine JobLink or the equivalent for the state in which they reside.

Workers should use the correct website to file their claims. The department warns that there are many websites that offer to help laid-off workers file an unemployment claim. Some charge fees for the service, while others attempt to gather personal data on the people who use the sites. The safest way to file a claim online is by visiting http://www.file4ui.com .

People who do not have access to a computer or Internet are encouraged to use a computer at their local CareerCenter or public library. CareerCenter staff can help claimants sign up for a free email address, register for the JobLink, learn how to create a resume and apply for jobs online.

Seasonal layoffs most often occur in the tourism, construction and retail sectors. Although claims typically increase right after Christmas, they drop off significantly in late winter as people begin to return to work.

In order to qualify to collect unemployment benefits, workers must have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, be actively seeking work and be able to accept new work. Workers who do not participate in a suitable, verifiable work search, who have not completed their JobLink registration or who do not document their work search risk losing unemployment benefits and could be required to pay back benefits they have received.

For more information about unemployment benefits, please visit http://www.file4ui.com . Information and support for job seekers or those interested in changing careers, including the link to the Maine JobLink, are available at http://www.mainecareercenter.gov .

Maine CareerCenters are equal opportunity providers. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.