Notice for Individuals Who Have Not Received Their 1099 from Unemployment Bookmark and Share

February 13, 2014

Unemployment insurance materials sent by U.S. mail are not forwarded to protect individual identities. It is the individual’s responsibility to notify the department of any address changes.

Claimants can change their address either online or by telephone through the self-serve functions by calling 1-800-593-7660.

Claimants do not need a paper copy of the 1099G to file their taxes. To get the 1099 information needed for income taxes, go to

  1. Once on the Unemployment Benefits page, look down the right hand side under Information and click on Income tax information (1099G).

  2. Under Payment and Withholding Information Online, click on Look up information on benefits paid last year. That will list the pay information.

  3. On the same page, go down to Other Tax Tips. Make note of the Payer’s Name: Maine Department of Labor, and Payer’s Federal Identification Number: 01-0371164.

  4. Once a claimant has copied all of this information, he or she can file their income taxes. No paper 1099G form is needed.