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July 15, 2013

Employers must report newly hired, rehired or recalled employees

CONTACT: John Martins, DHHS, 207-287-5012; Julie Rabinowitz, Department of Labor, 207-621-5009

AUGUSTA— The Maine Department of Labor and the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announce a new service that will help employers meet new reporting requirements that help children and prevent improper unemployment insurance payments.

Maine recently launched an online reporting system that feeds required information to the National Database of New Hires. DHHS uses this data to capture child support through wage garnishment from non-custodial parents who are earning wages.

“This online system will make it easier for businesses to submit information and will assist DHHS in holding parents accountable for the payment of child support,” said Governor Paul R. LePage. “Information on new hires will now go directly to the DHHS Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery and will make the process much more efficient for all concerned.”

There have been recent changes in the reporting requirements for new hires. Employers should report newly hired or rehired employees or employees returning to work after a layoff to the state within seven days of the date of hire. This includes any individual who receives a W-2 form and any independent contractor when reimbursement for such services is anticipated to equal or exceed $2,500 in a year.

For employers, reporting new hires and rehires can be a benefit because it helps lower their experience rating by preventing unemployment fraud and improper unemployment benefit payments. The Department of Labor uses the new hire information to ensure people filing for unemployment are not employed in Maine or in other states.

The labor department runs a crosscheck of the database, which lists individuals whom businesses have reported as hired, against the list of individuals currently collecting unemployment benefits. This allows the department to identify people who continue to file for benefits after they have returned to work.

Reporting new hires and rehires is simple, and employers can use the option that is most convenient for their business:

• Online: Go to the New Hire Report website at (Note: Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for this system).

• Complete the request forms received by standard mail.

For questions about the new hire reporting requirements or using the website, businesses should email or call (207) 624-4100. Businesses with questions about the unemployment system should contact Employer Services of the Department of Labor at (207) 621-5120 or