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March 19, 2021

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) is currently seeking public comment on proposed changes to its Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) rules

The primary purpose of the rule change is to address DVR's Order of Selection (the rule changes also correct a word that was inadvertently missed during a previous rule change). When services cannot be provided to all eligible individuals who apply for VR, the Director of DVR implements an Order of Selection. After determining eligibility, counselors must assign a priority category and follow the Order of Selection set forth below for the provision of services. Individuals who have the most significant needs are served first. Currently, DVR has three Order of Selection categories and is able to serve individuals found eligible in Order of Selection Categories 1 and 2. Individuals found eligible in Category 3 are placed on a waitlist until such time that resources are available to serve them.

Under the proposed rule changes, DVR would add an additional Order of Selection Category 4. Following adoption of the rules, individuals found eligible in Categories 3 and 4 would be placed on a waitlist and individuals found eligible in Categories 1 and 2 would continue to be eligible for cost services.

Individuals previously found eligible - and who have an Individualized Plan for Employment at the time of the adoption of the rule changes - will not be impacted and their services will continue as planned.

The proposed rule changes are available at . After consideration, it was determined that a 30-day public comment period would be the best way to ensure access to all who may wish to review and comment on the proposed rules. The Rehabilitation Services Administration and the State Rehabilitation Council have provided consultation and feedback during this process. The public comment period will close on April 23rd. Your VR services will not be impacted by your decision to submit or not submit public comment.

To comment on the proposed Division of Vocational Rehabilitation rule change, please visit our online comment form.

The Division for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened is also currently seeking public comment on proposed changes to the rules governing the Telecommunications Equipment Program (TEP).

The rules govern the provision of funds for purchase, lease, upgrading, installation, maintenance and repair of specialized customer telecommunication equipment for persons with disabilities. Revisions are needed so that the rule is consistent with other state laws and more accurately reflects current communication technology in use.

The proposed rules changes are available at and public comments will be accepted until April 23rd.

To comment on the proposed Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened rule change, please visit our online comment form.