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January 11, 2012

The Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Standards, has posted the 2012 Prevailing Wage Rates in Construction on its website: www.maine.gov/labor/labor_stats/publications/wagerateconst

The Prevailing Wage Rates in Construction are the minimum rates contractors must pay on State-contracted public works projects estimated to cost $50,000 or more.

The Prevailing Wage Rates are set for each county and are divided into four types of construction projects:

  • Building 1 - One or two family homes
  • Building 2 - Other than one or two family homes
  • Highway and Earthwork
  • Heavy and Bridge

The Prevailing Wage Rates for the 16 Maine counties and the four types of projects can be found on this web site. Select the year in which the contract was signed. Then you can select the county and the project type of interest.

The published wage rates online are for reference only and are not meant to substitute for project-specific, formal rate determinations. Bidders should obtain the project-specific, formal wage determination from the agency soliciting bids for the project. Do not use the rates on this web site to substitute for formal wage determinations.

For more information about Maine Prevailing Wage Rates, contact the Maine Department of Labor Technical Services Division at 207-623-7900.