Maine State Workforce Investment Board to Focus on Job Training and Careers for Maine People Bookmark and Share

December 14, 2011

AUGUSTA – On Tuesday morning, Governor Paul LePage met with members of the new State Workforce Investment Board at the Maine Department of Labor. The board is comprised of Maine business leaders, state and local officials, along with representatives from our educational system, organized labor and service providers. The Governor charged his new board with creating and implementing policies that quickly train the most people for meaningful careers giving industries the skilled workforce needed to support Maine’s economic recovery.

“This is an opportunity to revitalize the State Workforce Investment Board and its mission” said Governor LePage. “More dollars must find their way directly to Maine people so they can get the training they need to earn a living and build new skills that prepares them not only for a job but future careers. We need to be better stewards of that money – spending less on administration, and more on training that will put Maine people back to work,” said Governor LePage.

Speaking before the Maine State Workforce Investment Board, the Governor pointed to industry partnerships as the cornerstone of his workforce development strategy. The industry partnership model engages businesses in identifying skill gaps in the workforce, prioritizing training initiatives and developing defined career ladders where workers can build on prior skills and new learning to advance in their jobs.

“When we strategically invest in our workforce, everyone wins,” said LePage. “Businesses have the skilled employees they need to innovate and be competitive in a global economy, and workers have better opportunity for not just jobs – but careers that lead to good wages and long term stability.”

To assist in this effort, Governor LePage appointed Frederick L. Webber of Standish, Maine as the board’s Chair. He comes to the board with extensive private and public sector experience. He is a native of Portland and is a retired Marine Corps Officer.

The Maine State Workforce Investment Board will meet in January to begin implementing the plan. For more information about the Maine State Workforce Investment Board and the industry partnership model of workforce development, please contact Garret Oswald at 207-621-5087.