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October 13, 2006

Today, Governor Baldacci released a proclamation designating October as "Disability Employment Awareness Month" in Maine.

"It has been a priority of mine to provide opportunities for all Maine citizens," said the Governor.  "This priority runs across every department of my administration. We will continue to work to ensure that Maine is a leader when it comes to accessibility of employment for individuals with disabilities." 

Appearing at a press conference organized by the Commission on Disabilities and Employment at the Augusta CareerCenter on behalf of the Governor, Labor Commissioner Laura A. Fortman said: "In the State of Maine, we believe that all people matter and that all people have the capacity to contribute to the economic well being of our state. This confirms the Administration's continuing commitment to include persons with disabilities in our workforce development efforts to assure the continued growth of the Maine economy."

Commissioner Fortman noted that Congress has designated the month of October of each year as "National Disability Employment Awareness Month," to recognize the contributions of Americans with disabilities, and to encourage all people to ensure equal opportunity in the workforce.  In keeping with this national designation, Governor Baldacci has issued a state proclamation designating the month of October as Disability Employment Awareness Month in Maine.

"This proclamation is important to the disability community," said Mel Clarrage, Chair of the Governor's Commission on Disabilities and Employment. "The Governor is recognizing the progress that has been achieved by Maine workers with disabilities and supportive efforts of their friends, families, co-workers and advocates. This proclamation helps to support the Commission's advocacy and it encourages all employers to attend to the recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancement of qualified individuals with all types of disabilities." 

The proclamation noted that the Governor issued an Executive Order earlier this year instructing his staff to take steps to establish the State of Maine as a model employer of workers with disabilities, and become a leader among states regarding affirmative efforts to hire qualified workers with disabilities in state positions.

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