State Minimum Wage Increases October 1 Bookmark and Share

September 21, 2005

Augusta- Maine Labor Commissioner Laura Fortman reminds employers the state minimum wage will increase from $6.35 to $6.50 an hour effective October 1, 2005.

Maine does not have a training wage or sub-minimum wage for students. Employers can pay tipped employees one-half the regular minimum wage providing the employer makes up the difference if tips plus the hourly wage do not average at least the minimum wage.

Executive, administrative, or professional employees with a weekly salary of at least $455 starting Oct 1, 2005 are exempt from minimum wage. The Minimum Wage Poster, which employers must display, lists additional exemptions.

For a free, updated Minimum Wage Poster or information about wage laws, contact the Maine Department of Labor at 207-624-6400 (TTY: 800-794-1110) or visit