Strategic Plan Update

The Maine GeoLibrary Strategic Plan that is the guide for strategic work performed on behalf of the Maine Library of Geographic Information was last updated in 2009. In July of 2021, the GeoLibrary Board launched a project to develop an updated strategic plan that will provide a future looking blueprint for financing Board operations, data acquisition and hosting, and dissemination of geospatial data to the greater GIS community and the citizens of Maine. This plan will form the basis for completing and maintaining the Board’s OneMAP for ME program and other strategic efforts to build or provide access to core geospatial infrastructure shared to the GIS community.

Information gathering from Maine GeoLibrary Stakeholders occurred from September to November of 2021. This outreach included an online survey and focus groups who contributed their visions to a future strategy for the Maine GeoLibrary program.

Since November, the team has collated this information along with industry best practices and other technical references into a series of strategic reports that will serve as the basis for the final text that will be published in late March of 2022.

As the project continues to progress the team is sharing the fruits of these efforts in a multipage StoryMap site. You can access this site at the Maine GeoLibrary Strategic Plan Update StoryMap (External site, opens in a new browser tab)

The site currently includes a project overview, summary of the survey results gathered, and reports that have been published as we reach our milestones. More content will be added to the publications section of the page as we continue toward our March 2022 objective.

Did you know? The Mission of the GeoLibrary was set by the legislature in state statutes; Title 5, Part 4, Chapter 163 2001 through 2006. The Board seeks to expand and promote the value of geographic spatial data through widespread distribution and innovative use for the benefit of Maine's citizens.

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