Digital Parcels Project

Parcel Map Viewer

The GeoLibrary continues to work towards a complete statewide parcel data layer. This has been a work in progress for over a decade since the Boards creation and the award of bond funding to support the acquisition of geospatial data. This funding was minimal and not enough to support all requests for grants to assist communities in the conversion of their parcel maps to digital format.

Creating a statewide parcel map data layer is challenging, it is the responsibility of each individual community and not every community has embraced the idea of developing a digital parcel map. Since, development of digital parcel maps is relatively expensive many communities have not invested in the technology.

Grant opportunities for parcel mapping

The Board continues to seek a funding source for provide matching grants for digital parcel map development. If your community is interested in developing new digital parcel maps, or increasing the accuracy of its existing maps please complete and submit this registration form.

Please also refer to the Standards for Digital Parcel Files

Geoparcel web map: