Payment Reform Subcommittee (2013-2016)

Payment Reform Subcommittee Charge: The SIM Subcommittee on Payment Reform will provide guidance and oversight to those aspects of Maine’s State Innovation Model project that support the development and alignment of new payment models. The subcommittee will also assist in ensuring the coordination of the range of SIM-sponsored efforts that impact payment reform. Specifically, the Payment Reform Subcommittee will help guide the SIM work related to value-based insurance design; work around the identification and reporting of total cost of care, including behavioral health care; an Accountable Care Organization learning collaborative facilitated by the Maine Health Management Coalition; and the development and implementation of alternative, innovative payment models. The subcommittee will develop consensus on core measures sets for ACO performance and will assist in guiding the claims based analytics and performance measures used for public and provider reporting, including payment reform. This subcommittee will also be concerned with efforts to educate and engage the public around issues related to payment reform.

Lead Organization: Maine Health Management Coalition
Interested Parties Contact List for Payment Reform: Frank Johnson, MHMC, Chair
Payment Reform Subcommittee Members: Roster


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