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Maine SIM Year 3 Evaluation Report

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Maine SIM Evaluation Annual Report - Executive Summary

Maine SIM Evaluation Annual Report - Full

Maine SIM Evaluation Annual Report - Appendix

In these first two annual evaluation reports, the Lewin Group presents findings from quantitative and qualitative data analysis of activities that occurred between October 2013 and September 2015 for Maine State Innovation Model (SIM) objectives. To provide an accessible narrative, the executive summary report is designed to provide the highest level of data first, followed by in-depth discussions. Detailed descriptions of SIM objectives, hypotheses, evaluation methods, and evaluation tools are compiled in the Appendix. The evaluation of Maine SIM implementation is a dynamic process, one that is continuously updated with fresh data, new insights and informed by feedback from stakeholders. We encourage the reader to view this report as a snapshot of SIM implementation.

Maine SIM Self Evaluation - Year 3 Final Report