Workforce Programming

Below is a list of programs and resources for providers seeking employment and incentives and facilities seeking recruitment and retention opportunities.

J-1 Visa Waiver Program Show/Hide

The goal of the J-1 Visa Waiver Program (also known as the Conrad State 30 Program) is to improve the accessibility of health care services in underserved areas by administering the application process and providing waiver recommendations for foreign medical graduates that have met established criteria. The waivers allow foreign physicians to practice in rural and medically underserved areas without returning to their home countries for two years upon completion of their studies.

There are still slots available for the October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022 cycle. Please submit your application information here.

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Loan Repayment Show/Hide

State Loan Repayment Program

One of the ways The RHPCP increases access to primary care providers, is administration of the State Loan Repayment Program. The State Loan Repayment Program enables health care facilities in rural and underserved areas to recruit and retain highly qualified medical professionals. Medical professionals who choose to participate in this program agree to serve in these areas which may otherwise receive insufficient or no medical care at all for a minimum of two years. In return, the participating medical professional may have up to $50,000 of their health professional education loans repaid. Up to two one-year continuation contracts will also be considered for those verifying the continued existence of loan balances, though this determination will be made by The Program Staff.

An application was submitted to the Health Resources and Services Administration to continue this grant program in May after The Program was able to secure matching funds from facilities in underserved areas. Ten providers obtained loan relief during the 2017-2018 cycle in return for their commitment to practicing in an underserved area.

Currently, the Rules of the State of Maine only allow physicians and physician extenders, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, to participate in the State Loan Repayment Program. However, after assessing the need for dental and mental health providers, and, in an effort to meet The Program’s stated goal to enable all health care facilities in rural and underserved areas to recruit and retain highly qualified medical professionals based upon their need, it was determined that The Program’s Rules should be modernized to include other disciplines. Upon implementation of new rules, additional disciplines such as registered dental hygienists and licensed clinical social workers will be eligible for the State Loan Repayment Program in accordance with federal guidelines.

Loan Repayment & Scholarship Resources from the Health Resources and Services Administration and Finance Authority of Maine

Other Resources

Tax Credits Show/Hide

The intent of the State Income Tax Credit Certification Program is to provide an incentive to recruit and retain primary care professionals to practice in areas of Maine with an identified shortage of primary health care professionals. Up to ten eligible primary care professionals and up to 5 dental health professionals (DDS or DMD) are certified annually by The Program to receive an income tax credit. Eligible professionals must have outstanding student loans and make a commitment to practice full time for five years in an underserved area of Maine. The time limited submission period for tax year 2021 will open in January 2022.

Rural Medical Access Program (RMAP) Show/Hide

The Rural Medical Access Program provides financial incentives, in the form of reimbursement of insurance premiums, to ensure the availability of doctors who provide prenatal care and deliver babies in rural and underserved communities. Eligibility is determined by the The Program in collaboration with the State Bureau of Insurance.

Applications will be available March 2022.

3RNet Show/Hide

3RNet is a national network that matches health care professionals with employers in rural areas. Since August 2017, The Program has provided free access to health care professionals and health care employers in rural areas.

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