2017 Infectious Disease Conference


2017 Speaker Presentations

  1. Whole Genome Sequencing - How It's Changing Clinical Practice (PDF) - William Wolfgang PhD
  2. Emerging Pathogens (PDF) - Maroya Walters PhD, ScM
  3. Session A: Culture Wars: A Plate Awakens (PDF) - Richard Danforth SM (ASCP)
  4. Session B: Introducing the New Blood Lead Module of ImmPact (PDF) - Andrew E. Smith SM ScD
  5. Session C: Advancements in HIV Testing Technologies & Interpretation of Lab Reports (PDF) – Philip Chan MD, MS
  6. Session A: Vaccine Preventable Disease Outbreaks and Challenges in Vaccination (PDF) – Candice Robinson MD, MPH, LCDR
  7. Session B: Tuberculosis Updates (PDF) - Elizabeth A. Talbot MD
  8. Session C: HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis and Treatment as Prevention (PDF) – Douglas Krakower MD
  9. Session A: Tick-borne Diseases (PDF) - Paige Armstrong MD, MHS, LCDR
  10. Session B: Foodborne Outbreak Investigations Panel (PDF)
    • Stephen Combes MS, MPH, Epidemiologist, Maine CDC, Maine DHHS
    • Heather Grieser BS, MB (ASCP), Molecular Biology, Bacteriology and Blood Lead Sections Supervisor, Maine CDC, Maine DHHS
    • Kohl Kanwit, MS, Director, Bureau of Public Health, Maine Department of Marine Resources
    • Lisa Silva, DTR LD, Health Inspection Program Manager, Maine CDC, Maine DHHS
  11. Case Presentations (PDF)
    • Stuck with STEC – Patty Carson, BA, SM (ASCP), CIC, Field Epidemiologist, Division of Disease Surveillance, Maine CDC
    • Measles in Maine - Sarah Bly, BA, Field Epidemiologist, Division of Disease Surveillance, Maine CDC
    • Public health Implications of Varicella in Group Settings - Kate Colby, MPH, Field Epidemiologist, York District Division of Disease Surveillance, Maine CDC
    • Multidrug-Resistant Organism Outbreaks in Healthcare Facilities - Brittany Roy, MPH, HAI Project Specialist, Division of Disease Surveillance, Maine CDC


  1. Surveillance of the 2016 state of Maine clinical resistome by whole genome sequencing (PDF)
  2. Implementation of whole genome sequencing at the Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (PDF)
  3. Atypical presentation of a novel species of disseminated nocaridiosis in an immunocompetent host (PDF)
  4. Cost analysis of infective endocarditis in the setting of the opioid epidemic (PDF)
  5. Using Syndromic Surveillance Data to Better Understand Maine's Opioid Crisis (PDF)
  6. Bats in congregate living settings: The potential for post-exposure prophylaxis (PDF)
  7. Perils of Peru: Fever and periorbital edema in a returning traveler (PDF)
  8. The use of Genotyping in Identifying a Tuberculosis Outbreak, Maine 2016-2017 (PDF)