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Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention

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Engineering and Water Resources Team

Team Supervisor
William Dawson, P.E.
Chief Engineer
(207) 287-6196

Source Water Protection

Susan Breau, C.G.
(207) 592-6981

Ashley Hodge
Source Water Protection Coordinator
(207) 822-2341

Subsurface Wastewater

Thomas Brennan, C.G.
Senior Geologist
(207) 441-7091

Brent Lawson
State Plumbing Inspector
(207) 592-7376

Brent Lawson
State Site Evaluator
(207) 592-7376

Haig Brochu
Private Well Coordinator
(207) 592-3190

Engineering Review

Nathan Saunders, P.E.
Senior Environmental Engineer
(207) 287-5685

Larry Girvan, P.E.
Environmental Engineer
(207) 592-7386

McKenzie Parker, P.E.
Environmental Engineer
(207) 557-2255

David Welch
Program Support Specialist
(207) 287-3056