COVID-19 Community Care

Support for COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine

Support is available to ensure that all Mainers affected by COVID-19 can safely isolate and quarantine. DHHS has partnered with over 30 community agencies across the state to provide free, temporary help with: 

  • Emergency groceries and household supplies to cover the duration of your quarantine or isolation, if needed. This may be a standardized food box. 
  • Filing for other assistance programs, such as utility assistance, fuel assistance, MaineCare, etc. 
  • Language interpreters and cultural brokers 
  • Masks, cleaning supplies, pulse oximeters, thermometers, and other quarantine items 
  • Recommendations on how to safely quarantine/isolate at home, and how long you should be in quarantine/isolation 
  • Necessary covid-related transport services (if available in your region).
  • Assistance finding testing and vaccination 
  • Support for stress and anxiety
  • Help accessing COVID-19 treatment

How to access support services for yourself or a family member:

  • Fill out the Community Care for COVID-19 Referral Form (please include as much detail as possible) 
  • or Call 211 and ask for help with quarantine 
  • Mainers affected by COVID-19 can also request a referral for support services from: 
    • community organizations; 
    • clinical care providers; 
    • social service agencies; and 
    • school nurses. 

Please submit one referral form per household.   

One of our partners will reach out to you (or the client) today or tomorrow. If your referral states that this is an urgent need, it will be made priority to reach out as soon as possible. Our hours are Monday-Friday, 8-5pm and Saturday/Sunday 1-5pm.  

This information will not be shared with immigration or any other state agencies, with the exception of Maine CDC.   

All social services provided are free and will not affect eligibility for other federal or state services/benefits. 

Questions about COVID-19 Community Care can be e-mailed to

Community-Based Outreach COVID-19 Testing

Maine’s Community Care program offers COVID-19 rapid home testing to those who are symptomatic or close contacts with the help of our trained community partners. These organizations offer cultural and linguistic support as well. All COVID-19 testing is offered free of charge. 

After we receive a completed referral form, our team and community partners are able to: 

  • Determine if testing is available in your area through public testing sites 
  • If appropriate, offer home testing visits to individuals or households in regions where testers are available 
  • Provide test results to individuals and to CDC, as required 
  • Provide education about quarantine and isolation 
  • Connect individuals to additional Community Care resources for those who are eligible 
  • Offer ways to receive at-home test kits though various channels 

Be sure to use the DHHS Covid-19 Community Care referral form to request testing support. 

DHHS COVID-19 Community Care Team

DHHS has a team of staff who are committed to supporting organizations and communities with Covid-19 Community Care, testing and vaccine equity. 

For questions or support, please This email is monitored Monday-Sunday, 8-5pm. 

Program Contacts

Sharon McDonnell, BSN, MD, MPH, Director 

Carla Hunt, Social Services Coordinator 

Chanbopha Himm, Program Manager, Contracts 

Caroline Fernandes, Community Care Officer

Heather Sneff, MD, Community Care Officer 

Hamda Ahmed, Community Care Officer