DHHS: What We Do, Who We Are, and Who We Serve

Aug 2, 2019

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) offers a wide range of services and supports to promote health, safety, resiliency, and opportunity across the State.  We work with individuals, organizations, communities, and employers throughout Maine. We are the largest Department in State government, meaning our services touch virtually everyone in Maine at some point in their lives.

As such, we are committed to doing our work with transparency and accountability. To that end, we are posting the results we strive to achieve – called "What We Do" – on our website. We developed these goals among the leadership team and conducted a survey of all DHHS employees to gather their valuable input. 

We also, for the first time, are posting "Who We Are," which is a snapshot of our workforce. We are proud of an average tenure of 10 years and hope to increase that with our work on retention. On recruitment, since January, we have filled 244 jobs, not counting those at our psychiatric hospitals, both of which are also hiring. The greatest asset of DHHS is its quality, talented workforce.

And, we posted our second snapshot of "Who We Serve," which offers key statistics for major programs throughout DHHS. It shows you at a glance the content and scope of DHHS services.

We will update "Who We Serve" quarterly and "Who We Are" annually. We will develop measures to assess our progress toward our goals outlined in "What We Do" in the coming months and look forward to sharing those with you.