Substance Use Testing for the Workplace Rule; 10-144 CMR, chapter 265

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The Department is proposing changes to 10-144 CMR chapter 265, Substance Use Testing for the Workplace Rule, to resolve a conflict resulting from the most recent rule change adopted in November 2023 that inadvertently restricts laboratories from testing non-psychoactive components of cannabis as an indicator of use of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Additionally, to reflect current practice, the Department is proposing to remove those provisions in Section 4 related to licensing and oversight that are no longer applicable due to infrastructure changes impacting the inspections conducted by the Department for labs subject to this rule. Under this rule, licensed labs must be approved by the Substance and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Laboratory Certification Program or College of American Pathologist Laboratory Accreditation Program. These changes are proposed to remove any duplicative or obsolete language and further clarify standards for sample collection and storage.


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