Rules for Conversion of Seasonal Dwelling Units into Year-Round Residences in the Shoreland Zone 10-144 CMR Ch 242

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The Department is proposing the repeal of this rule at the same time that it is adopting amendments to Maine's Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules, 10-144 CMR Ch. 241 (Ch. 241). The Department has clarified the requirements and updated language within Section 8(B)(1) of Ch. 241, in order to repeal Ch. 242 and to clarify that seasonal conversion permits may only be issued when the structure served by a subsurface wastewater disposal system meets the criteria of first-time systems as described in Section 8, First Time Systems, of Ch. 241. This new language in the newly amended Ch. 241 now make the requirements in Ch. 242 no longer applicable, therefore necessitating a repeal of the rule. The Department originally proposed the repeal of Ch. 242 concurrently with the proposing of amendments to Ch. 241. In the rulemaking for Ch. 241, the Department considered it necessary to engage in a second round of Public Comments for Ch. 241. As a result, the rulemaking for Ch. 242 lapsed as the Department did not want to repeal the requirements for Ch. 242 until these requirements were formally merged into an adopted amendment of Ch. 241.

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