10-144 CMR Ch 129, Personal Care Agency Licensing Rule

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This routine technical rulemaking operationalizes the statutory requirements of PL 2023 Ch. 309, An Act to Authorize the Department of Health and Human Services to License and Ensure the Quality of Personal Care Agencies.  This rulemaking repeals and replaces 10-144 CMR Ch. 129, Rules and Regulations Governing In-Home Personal Care and Support Workers, which became effective on January 1, 1999.

The new rule replaces the existing requirement for registration with a licensing process, incorporates a new statutory definition for Personal Care Agency (PCA), establishes standards and fees for the licensing of personal care agencies, establishes types and terms of licenses, creates quality assurance and technical assistance mechanisms, and establishes right of entry, penalties, and enforcement actions for failure to comply with the rule. The new rule also creates an appeal process for PCAs aggrieved by the department’s decisions.


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