IPM: The Yard Saver


What's IPM? Good question. IPM stands for integrated pest management. It may sound complicated but it really isn't.

IPM is about making good choices versus bad ones when it comes to managing your pests. A good choice helps you out with your pest problem AND takes into account health and the environment.

IPM Includes:

  • Regular monitoring to detect problems early
  • Acting against pests only when necessary
  • Choosing the most effective options with the least risk to people and the environment
  • Record-Keeping and evaluation
  • Applying knowledge about pest biology to create long-term solutions
Joe Homeowner

Simple? If you're still shaking your head, let's break it down. Imagine Joe Homeowner chatting with Superhero IPM:


  • So, you're saying that awful insect eating all my roses will be gone in a week because of it's life cycle? Geez, maybe I shouldn't be growing roses in the first place. I do have the same problem year after year.
  • I get it now - growing a healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds and insects and the secret to a nice looking lawn. I always thought pre-emergent herbicides and frequent fertilization was the way to go.
  • Planting a linden tree in the middle of my lawn isn't such a good idea? Rats, I didn't know I would be creating the perfect breeding grounds for grubs.


  • I didn't realize those lady beetles were keeping the aphids away.
  • I have always thought dandelions were kinda pretty. Having a few really isn't a problem for me.
  • I'm growing an invasive plant! I bought that at the store!


  • What do you mean I should "stop and smell the roses?" Oh, I should make a habit of walking around my yard scouting for pests to nip problems in the bud early on.
  • There are alternatives to pesticides? Wish I would have known those ants were getting into my house because those maple branches were growing onto my roof. Would have saved me a lot of time and money over the last few years.
  • From now on I'm going to read the pesticide label to make sure it's really made for my problem. And I'm going to pick one that is the least toxic to my family which I don't need to mix and only have to apply once or twice and shouldn't runoff or seep into the water or my well.