Quick Tipscompost pile

  • Where? Build your pile at least 2 feet from any structure.
  • To bin or not to bin. A bin isn't necessary. They do help keep moisture and heat in and pests out.
  • Green and brown. You need both green and brown materials. Green is your nitrogen (grass, green kitchen waste) and brown is your carbon (shredded fallen leaves, twigs and branches)
  • Speed it up. To quicken your materials demise: wet the ground under the pile, create a bottom layer out of unshredded twigs for air flow, alternate brown and green layers, add water as you go and end with a brown layer.
  • Turning? Turning your pile is optional. But, turning will get you your black gold sooner. Turn once a week to once a month.
  • Lids? Covers are your choice too. Covers do help retain moisture or guard against rain, depending how Mother Nature is treating your neck of the woods.
  • Keep it healthy. Don't add diseased or infested plants.
  • The black finale. When you can no longer see your green and brown materials, and it looks like dark rich soil, it's cooked and ready to be served!