COVID-19 Vaccination in Maine

Page last updated 01-21-2021



Jan. 21: Maine has placed its latest order for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jan. 13: Governor Janet Mills has announced updates to Maine’s strategy for distributing its limited allocation of COVID-19 vaccines targeted toward preventing serious illness and saving the lives of Maine people.

Jan. 8: Maine has placed its latest order for COVID-19 vaccine, and has begun tracking first and second doses on the official vaccine website.

Dec. 31: Maine placed its fifth order for COVID-19 vaccine, beginning to extend vaccination beyond hospital staff to additional health care workers.

Dec. 23: Maine prepared to place its fourth order for COVID-19 vaccine, expanding vaccine supply for health care providers and additional long-term care residents.

Dec. 18: Maine placed its third order for COVID-19 vaccine, as vaccination of frontline health care workers continued following the arrival of the first doses.

Dec. 11: Maine announced the second vaccine order and continued to work with health care providers to prepare to vaccinate their workers.

Dec. 4: Maine announced the first in a series of vaccine orders, as part of Maine's accessible, flexible, and equitable distribution plan for the COVID-19 vaccine.