GOPIF visit to Machias

Tackling complexity with the Upper Machias Bay Resiliency Plan

The Town of Machias in Washington County earned a $45,000 Community Action Grant to develop an Upper Machias Bay Resiliency Plan. This plan will provide needed coordination across four major resiliency projects in the town: the Machias Dike Bridge Project, the Shoppe Marsh Restoration Project, the Downtown Flood Protection Project, and the town’s Wastewater Treatment Improvement Project. 

Each of these projects is in various stages of planning and development and all have major implications for a healthy Machias Bay and a climate-ready future for the Town. Developing a master plan for the four projects will help the town identify overlapping areas of flood vulnerability, efficiently engage residents and businesses in the project areas, and effectively coordinate implementation of the four projects. 

This project aligns closely with Maine Won’t Wait’s Strategy G: Invest in Climate-Ready Infrastructure to improve the climate readiness and resilience of infrastructure so that it serves Maine better under day-to-day conditions and functions reliably during emergencies.