GOPIF visit to Norway, Maine

Laying Groundwork for Climate Action in Norway

The Town of Norway in Oxford County was a recipient in May 2022 of a $50,000 Community Action Grant to start a coordinated climate plan for the community. The project involves engaging community members, conducting a community vulnerability assessment and an infrastructure vulnerability assessment, and adopting a climate resilience plan. Previously, the town completed a solar project at the wastewater treatment plant and installed electric vehicle chargers at key locations. 

The town also received a grant of $100,000 from the Maine Department of Transportation’s Infrastructure Adaptation Fund in 2022. These funds are being used to assess the climate vulnerability of the town’s stormwater infrastructure. 

With assessment data from these grant funded projects, Norway is well positioned as a community to take advantage of further state and federal funding opportunities to address climate effects, reduce emissions, and transition to clean energy. Norway is an example of a community making steady progress to create a coordinated climate plan while taking incremental yet concrete actions – in the spirit of state’s plan, Maine Won’t Wait.